the card and the leprechauns.

i wanted to get this post done before i left to go to the soul food restaurant with pop and tricia because it's about two things that didn't just make me giggle, they made me laugh my butt off. several times. first, the card. one of my besties, maria, sent me the funniest card for my birthday, but the best part was inside. she's black from laying in the death tanning bed, cal (our other bestie) is surfing with her nose ring, and i'm jumping on my trampoline with flojo! i laughed and laughed and laughed about this, because it's us. SO very us!

the next funny thing is the leprechaun story. i know i've told you before, but my pop is seriously the funniest person i know. we'd been planning since last week to go to the soul food restaurant, but last night he called and said he had to tell me something. i immediately jumped to the conclusion that we couldn't go eat and i was devastated. he said, "i hate to be the barer of bad news, buuuuut, we're still going!" trickster. so then this morning he called me, and this is a piece of our conversation:

pop: "danielle, i've got some bad news."
me: "what? we can't go tonight?"
pop: "no, something came up at work and i can't leave in time."
me: "WHAT?!? are you serious? what in the world is going on?"
pop: (still very serious) "well, there's a leprechaun uprising at our company in ireland, and i have to fly out this afternoon to go get them under control."
me: "POP, YOU MORON! i thought you were serious! EEEEEEE, i can't believe you got me again!"
pop: "no, i don't have to go to ireland this time, we're still going to eat. yeah, those little lephrechauns, they get really out of hand sometimes, so we have to step in and take care of 'em."

my pop is insane. and the funniest part is, you never can tell he's joking. like, when i was a kid, we'd be watching a tv show, and he'd say about one of the stars, "i went to school with him back when i was young." the sad part is, i almost always believed him! so the lesson here is this: if you ever meet my pop, don't trust what he tells you because he's probably joking!


  1. Awwww! hahaha! I wanna meet him so I can get tricked into believing all kinds of ridonkulous stuff! OMG...MARS IS BLACK! & I have a nose ring!!! She's amazing! Man, she jumped the gun & I didn't get my fargin package out to youuuuu! I suck balls. But dammit I love that card!!! Hahaha! I'm in such a good mood, I'm so glad you posted this before you left! It made my day!

  2. Too funny! When I was in elementary school, we had Pioneer Days. Before the big day, my dad told me he was a Pioneer, so I told everyone in class how cool my dad was and that he was a legit pioneer. Not sure when I found out that wasn't even possible. Oh, dads...

  3. Love the card!! I am so gullible so I would probably fall for the jokes if I did not know any better. LOL!

  4. This is a really really cute card, and your pop sounds really really cute as well. :)

  5. Hope you have a great weekend, Danielle! Soul food sounds delicious!

  6. HAHAHAHHA. dude my card looks even funnier on here. i love u and cal so so much<3 my besties! i am going to dress up as a lepracaun when i pick u up!

  7. you girls are too much!
    isn't Dad humor the best?

  8. Hahaha, this whole post made me laugh.

    Darn sneaky headstrong leprechauns.

  9. hahaha This is so funny! I was literally crackin' up! haha Dads always come up with the weirdest things! The card is also too cute!


  10. hahahaha definitely laughed out loud :)

    i actually just clicked on your blog bc i think the name is sort of amazing. seriously :) soo after reading a few posts i decided we should be friends! new follower here!

  11. you had me at soul food. i could really use some collards right about now, i've been craving them for weeks.

  12. Hahahhaha! You and your dad are so much alike!
    My dad is a huge comedian too. It's so nice having family that condones laughter every day.
    Miss you sister!
    P.S. That card is hilarious!

  13. my dad is such a joker as well. not in the same, very serious way, but in that 'oh, come on dad!' way, hehe. it's almost the opposite of kids say the darndest things, in my opnion. just tonight my dad was saying hilarious things about big-brother and eagle-eye esque things that were too funny. i love my relatioship with my dad, the fact that he's one of few people who loves glee as much as i do and loves people completely judgement free. and i love that you have a great father-daughter relationship as well, as i'm afraid very few of my friends do as well. thank goodness for the good dads still around, right? :]


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