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wow, this weekend has come and pretty much gone like a blur. i think i've been so pre-occupied with the thought of life and its fragility to really pay the last couple days any attention. on friday afternoon chris called me after he learned that his second cousin and her husband were killed when their apartment and about 10 others were destroyed in a fire. she was only 26 years old. i will never understand tragedy, and i can't understand death. it sort of puts things into perspective, and not that i didn't appreciate what, and more importantly, WHO i have in my life, but this really made me think about it all. their passing scares and saddens me, and that fear makes me want to take more risks, enjoy each minute, and stop worrying about things i can't change. i didn't mean to make this a preachy post, but life, and death, really scare me sometimes. as some of you know, chris is going through a battle of sorts for back pay. i've realized that having a fat bank account really isn't that big a deal; enjoying our time is. so once things are settled on that front, we're traveling, whether he likes it not! one place i want to take him is pebble beach, which still holds a piece of my heart...

on a lighter note, my pop is hilarious, and i used to always tell him that he should've been a comedian. i think i get my never serious and always making a joke attitude from him, and i'm grateful for that! anyway, yesterday was his birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, POP!!!!!, so when i talked to him today and asked him what all he did, he told me that he and tricia, my stepmom, went to charlottesville to eat. here's the funny part, he said that he was hungry for mexican, pizza, a cheeseburger and fried chicken. so they went somewhere that had everything but the mexican and for dinner he devoured: three pieces of fried chicken, one cheeseburger, one piece of pizza and two servings of corn. seriously, you'd think he was as big as a house, but he isn't! he's nuts.

how was your weekend?


  1. Too true about the fragility of life. It can be scary, but I think the best way to honor it is to do exactly what you said. Seize the day, and live life to the fullest. Sorry to hear about their passing..that is sad. Take Care..Hearts, Janna Lynn

  2. Sorry to hear about that absolute tragedy. Life is so fragile. That's kind of why we picked up and moved to California with no jobs, so safety net, just each other. Life is too short to live somewhere you hate.
    We'll meet you in pebble beach!

  3. That's horrible. I'm so sorry. I know it really shouldn't matter what age tragedy strikes, but it always hits me a little more when it's someone younger.
    So sorry about that.

    On a different tone, I really love your photos, Danielle.

  4. that is so scary to hear about chris' cousin! I am so sorry, I hope you both ok. i am always so paranoid about fire in this house (you already know why), blah, it is scary!

    I love your photos, I hope you get everything settled soon and you and chris can travel. (you should think about a trip to new england... massachusetts to be exact! he he he) pebble beach sounds so wonderful, maybe you will see yourselves there soon!

    lastly, but not leastly, happy birthday to yo' pops! i love his birthday meal, i would eat that much and then feel sick. but fried chicken sounds pretty good right now...

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your extended family's loss. That is such a sad story and I know what you mean when you say it puts things in perspective a bit. I also really feel for you guys with your back pay battles. Jeff and I are currently facing off against our former landlord, who is being a giant, law-breaking jerk, and we've also come to the conclusion that experience is more important than possessions. Seriously wish you two the best of luck with that struggle, it is so frustrating (at best). I love your photos as usual. That seagull looks like it has a lot of personality!

  6. oh, p.s. make sure to take a look at my last post. i think it will make you smile!


  7. Happy birthday to your Pop!
    I'm so sorry about the death. I know what you mean about life being short. I think that's why we all just need to wake up a live each day to the fullest. Unexpected things happen, and it's important to just take it as it comes. More then ever, I'm believing that everything happens for a reason.

  8. your pictures are truly beautiful. and happy birthday to your pop! so sorry to hear that news and just like diana said, while it shouldn't, it definitely makes you more aware when it's someone so close in age. i can't believe it claimed 12 people. heartbreaking. keeping them all in my thoughts <3

  9. Thats so crazy about chris's cousin. I am so sorry to hear that.Sometimes things will happen and it kinda makes you realize how easily everything can be taken away. It's a scary scary thing, and makes you count your blessings. I love you.

  10. P.s. Sorry I posted that without commenting on your post. I am very sorry for this loss. Incredibly heart breaking. Life is so short.

  11. your pictures are so lovely. I'm sorry you had a rough weekend! It sucks how it takes such tragic events to make us appreciate our life sometimes. It's like a wake up call.
    I hope things get better for you and chris!

  12. Next time you see your dad, you should make him a fried chicken, cheeseburger, mexican pizza!

  13. Not preachy at all. It's a life lesson. I hate the fact that tragedy like that awakens our sense of humanity and self. =( Life is a crazy fragile thing.

    Enjoy the little things.

    On a lighter note. I now want pizza...thanks.


  14. Ok, so I don't know if I missed it, but Happy Birthday. From what I remember me and you and Fallon are all April gals.

  15. Life is interesting isn't it? I often go through stages where I cant seem to get excited about much, like I'm wasting time and then other days, I realize how precious time is and get a overwhelming feeling that I need to get up and go... I could ramble about this struggle forever but that's the jist of what I thought while reading the first part of the post... mainly, I feel you girl! <3

  16. I totally just posted that comment from my other gmail account. Woopsies...

  17. i'm SO sorry for your husband's loss :( that makes me so sad, especially since it's so eerie since you said fire was your worst fear :( and 27... i can't imagine.

    so yes, travel and enjoy each day... and show your husband why you love san fran so :) .

    i love your photographs girl fiancee!!!

    and when you talk about your Pop who seems like so much fun! i'm glad he had a good FULL birthday :)

    weekends husband works and i work early sunday... i'm looking forward to wens when i get to play! it's weird but nice to have a day off during the busy week for sure.


  18. oh i am so sorry to hear about that tragedy. that really shows that we should not take life for granted and need to live life to its fullest. i am praying for you~

  19. amen lady!

    life is short - travel, laugh, and eat all the random foods you love in one sitting....your dad has the right idea :).

    hope you're having a great week lovely lady!


  20. Pictures are beautiful, I'd love to see pebble beach.


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