wishlist wednesday!

today, kittens, i've been waiting to show you my current wish list. it makes my heart race, my palms sweat, and my cheeks blush; yes, i am in love! since chris and i don't really do extravagant gift-giving, and really only give gifts that aren't practical at christmas (and even then we don't go overboard), i thought i'd share the things i wouldn't mind being surprised with come anniversary time! so i like to call today's theme, "what i would ask for and he would buy if we weren't such cheapskates."

sources: theshophouse, placemichel, sadiedesignsca (a personal favorite of mine), miekongo, bluegrassbooty.

in addition to thinking about wish lists, i also decided to listen to a cd i hadn't played in a long time, MXPX's live at the show. sometimes i think i must be a music snob as i tend not to listen to bands that don't meet my tough criteria:

1. must be signed with an indie label, if signed at all.

2. must not be played on radio. this includes satellite radio.

3. must be so unknown that even my local indie record store specializing in hard to find music has to order it.

what are your favorite bands? do you have certain criteria a band must meet to be worthy of your ears, or do you just listen to anything that sounds good? also, if you decide to play along with wish list wednesday, be sure to link back to me from your list, then leave a comment directing me to your current favorites!


  1. that book bird house is soooo pretty! some people are just so darned creative (including you)

  2. amazing. amazing. amazing. i love your wishlist. i'm loving that book house. it's so gorgeous. that floral print bag is to die for as well.

    i hope all is well. it's been a while since i've caught up on your blog!


  3. i love the mirror, its gorgeous.
    there is a beautiful mirror that i walk past on the way to work every day and i wish i could afford it!

  4. Haha, it's so true.. I kinda hate it when I see my favourite cd's at the record store.. even more so when I hear it on the radio.

    P.s I love that mirror!!!!

  5. i have that book!
    but its not folded to look birdhouse of course.

    i am really into oldies music (50s-70s)...
    as far as as modern stuff goes i also avoid anything that gets played on the radio.

  6. such amazing pieces. the first one - i need to get for a friend as a gift. so nice.
    thanks for always sharing such wonderful things and pictures on your blog


  7. I love that book bird house. Great wishlist, as always. I actually posted mine ... today. I know -- you're shocked. So am I.

  8. everything looks so dreamy. and a book-mobile, how clever! :)
    also loveee your shop.
    peace & love.

  9. Hi! I'm your new follower! :o)

    Oh yeah... and I LOVE that bag!!!!!!!!!

  10. can i share your lovely wish list!!!

  11. Very cool wish list this week. Normally the bag at the bottom wouldn't be my style, but for some reason I instantly Loved it!

    My requirements for music are that people actually create it themselves... write the lyrics, play the instruments, sing... and do it all well!

  12. Thanks so much for the shout-out to Sadie! Glad to be on your wishlist. LOVE all of the other picks, too.

  13. I swear I had this bag! Ask mom...it might still be in a closet somewhere.


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