wishlist wednesday!

i don't know about you, but i always look forward to fall; cool, crisp air, the smell of changing leaves, an excuse to eat pumpkin pie, and the perfect time of year to break out warm, cozy sweaters! as ready as i am for fall and the end of summer heat and humidity, i'm hoping it can hold off for just a little longer as chris and i will be leaving for our anniversary trip in just over a week, and i want to be able to swim! once we get back, i'm ready for fall, if not winter! anyway, in anticipation of one of my favorite times of year, here are some things i wouldn't mind having...

one of my absolute favorite things to thrift for (if i can even use the word in that tense as a verb) is the perfect cardigan. of course i don't believe there is only one prefect vintage cardigan, but more like the perfect cardigan on each thrifting trip! when i find one ina solid color and in my size, i get excited much like someone would if they'd just won the lottery! what do you look for when you go vintage shopping, and what is your favorite type of vintage clothing?

if you'd like to play along, link back to me from your wish list post, then leave me a link in the comments section so i can see what you're craving!


  1. i love all your wishlist items today! that bag is to die for! and i love the scarf! i'm a cardigan girl too... i usually get all my cardi's from anthro but i would love to find the perfect thrifted one! i don't usually shop for thrifted clothes... i loathe searching for items unless it's a piece of antique furniture that's why i usually shop at anthro for clothes since i'm guaranteed to find something i like... i guess i'm just lazy. ha
    you need to come here again so we can hunt for the perfect cardigan together!

  2. love love love that leather bag! and the sweaters!!!

    you are making me want to unpack all my fall clothes, and wear sweaters again!

  3. i love that last sweater!
    so much.


  4. Cardigans are quite possibly my favoritest ever thing. Messenger bags run a close second.

    What am I wishing for today? Just to be at PEACE. It's been a crazy week, even though I've only had two days of work thus far.

  5. I love those blue shoes! Why are all the good ones always impossibly small sizes?

  6. The bag! That needs to come to Mama.

  7. Oh man, that tan leather bag is amazing!!!

    Also, I received some great Dinosaur Toes products as a swap gift from Micaela recently, and I just love them so much!!! The leather headband is perfection, and she also gave this super-cute ring with a feather on it. You are one very talented lady!!!

  8. i love the boots! i just invested in some short-ish cowboy boots and i can't wait for the weather to cooperate!

    crossing my fingers the summer weather holds out for you & chris and your anniversary trip!

  9. kassi, you better believe i'll come back out! we didn't get enough time back in june! you look cute in all your clothes, and you need to give me a style lesson.

    monica, i've been going through summer clothes and putting them in the goodwill pile because i'm so ready for fall clothes!

    annie, it's like we're the same person sometimes, because cardigans and messenger bags are MY favorites!

    sarah, i think just the opposite; because my feet are freakishly tiny, i always think the best shoes are in a size 8!

    melissa, i'm so glad you like your exchange pressies! i also went shopping with micaela for you!

  10. that is so funny because I was just looking at oxford shoes!!

  11. those little blue oxfords would be so fabulously adorable on you and your tiny self! love them!



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