i was on the hunt, and i zeroed in on my prey...

first things first: you guys left such thoughtful comments on my last post, and it was so reassuring to receive so much positive reinforcement. i hope you know that i think so many of you are incredibly talented and inspiring, be it in your craft, writing, blog, or life in general. so, thank you!

now, i was on the hunt for vintage chain, a prize that is rapidly becoming difficult to find. i won't tell all my secrets just yet, but in the next few weeks, dinosaur toes will be on the opposite coast in an awesome boutique, so i was in desperate need of old chains for some special bullet and stone necklaces. unfortunately, i only found two chains instead of ten, but look at these treasures i'm keeping for myself...

that little coral/seahorse/shell combo is currently a brooch, but i plan to remove the back and attach it to a headband so i can try and tame some of my mane. next, i don't particularly have a special love for reindeer, but i do think they're cute, and i have a huge slight obsession with vintage animal pins. seriously, i sometimes think i'm turning into an old lady. last, i just had to have this turtle necklace. i mean, it's not like i don't already have turtle necklaces, but this one is cute, and it's vintage, and i just wanted it!

it was actually kind of funny the way my treasure hunting worked out yesterday. right after i got to the store, my auntie amy called and said she was on her way because she had something she wanted to give me. she told me that she could spend all day in that store, but she usually only goes if she has a friend to ride with her. i told her that the last few times i've been, i've gone with micaela, but her work schedule keeps her busy on the weekends, so we haven't been able to get together lately. so i hung up, walked around the corner, and guess who i saw? MICAELA! fancy seeing the person you just talked about! so we got in our thrifting and chatting on our impromptu date!

two more random things: one, i've never been a makeup person, and sometimes i feel like a boy. don't get me wrong, i don't want to have my face painted on, but i'd like to do a little more with eyeshadow, or even blush if i'm feeling adventurous. what type of makeup, or tips and tricks would you recommend? and i must tell you, i CANNOT wear mascara because my eyelashes are about 8 miles long (and it's annoying) and i've always been particularly turned off by lipstick. anything else is fair game!

random thing number two: i saw anna's tweet about a sign reading, "hay thief, any info please call" and that reminded me of a sign chris and i saw. we were coming through west virginia on our way home from one of chris' motocross races, and outside a beauty salon in a creepy country town that i'm sure inspired the movie "deliverance" we saw a sign that read, "bobby ray is a liar, a cheat and a thief." all i can say is, don't piss off redneck women or they'll tell the world in their own backwoods way!

okay, that is all. how has your week/weekend been?


  1. such massive love for seahorses! my weekend has been horror-filled! only in the horror movie watching sense though!

  2. So I pretty much feel the opposite way about makeup. :) Because I doubt you'll be interested in the Dior Airflash foundation ($60) that I swear by, I will recommend just two items so as not to overwhelm you :), haha:

    1. Cover Girl original blush in "soft mink." It's pretty much the only makeup I buy from the drug store, and it's amazing. It highlights your cheekbones with the exact right amount of light shimmer, and I guarantee you'll think it's pretty. And it's only like $4.50 or something.

    2. Stila smudge pot for eyes. I have a special holiday color (black with gold flecks) but they have several others colors. I think they're around $20 and can be ordered or purchased at Sephora. It is the only "eyeliner" that I've found that doesn't smudge (ironic name, I know)--but it's not even just an eyeliner, cause you can use it as eyeshadow, too. I use a really thin brush and apply it under my lower lashes as eyeliner, and it's pretty amazing.

    let me know what you get!!

  3. I don't wear make up very often either... and I always feel like I look like a homely girl/boy. I wear mascara usually, but if you don't like it I totally understand. If you ever need cover up Mac makes a good liquid foundation... but the best kind is Bare Essentials foundation/mineral veil.. it's powdered and really light, it works very well! I also love Mac eyeshadows, Patina is my favorite color.. it looks really good with most colors!

  4. how crazy it was to run into each other cos i hadn't been there since our last date :) and we had been trying to get together - i was supposed to meet Max at the coffee place across from the community market but was running late, so he just said never mind and let me take my time which is why i decided to mosey on over to our favorite place :) if i had met him at the coffee place, i would have missed you and your auntie amy (who is so cute!) ... fancy how that worked out huh? :) it's always more fun with you and you helped me out with some decisions. lol

    you are so pretty naturally but i am a fan of blush and eye shadow. I'm a fan of Sonia Kashuk for Target.

    i have to work all weekend ... boo!

    ps. I am SO EXCITED about the opposite coast venture ;)

  5. I love that mini seahorse brooch, will make a fabulous headband! I need some real makeup advice too, so would love to know what you decide on!

  6. Hey Beautiful! Past few days have been nuts and I just got caught up with your posts and stuff. I am so sorry to hear about Chris! You two are such wonderful people, there's bound to be something amazing out there for y'all to tackle. Good luck with the workload! I can't wait to see all the stuff you are working on. I think your jewelry is awesome and as soon as I find work, I will be purchasing one of your amazing pieces. I wish you and Chris the best!


  7. i really like those pieces. and i love your post. your blog is always so interesting
    wish you a wonderful week lovely

  8. hooray for dinosaur toes on the west coast boutique and running into friends!

    and thanks for the shout out ;)

  9. Your turtle necklace has just reminded me of a similar one I used to have when I was younger that I wore nearly every day and has made me wonder if I still have it somewhere...

    Makeup-wise, I don't wear much, but when I do, it's always liquid eyeliner – which would be great for long lashes too I guess.

    That sign you drove past sounds amusing – I like trying to gauge the temper of a place by its graffiti! In Glasgow, in Scotland, it's usually marriage proposals sprayed onto motorway bridges – quite an odd fashion...

  10. wilson likes the baby seahorse yum!


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