production and fear.

so far i've had a pretty productive if not scary as hell saturday. first, the good news: remember how i told you i was having a "jeweler's block" lately? well, it's gone at least temporarily because last night and this morning i completed eleven creations to list in my shop. now that's what i call a production line! next, i got my mattress flipped all by myself, and i did almost break a lamp, then i fell off the bed, but the important thing is that i got it flipped (and vacuumed, because i figure if it's good enough to do on "how clean is your house?" i should copy). and this is what happens when the craftiness takes over...

now, onto the bad news. actually, there's really only one piece of bad news, but for me, it's bad enough to last a lifetime. if you didn't know, i'm a morning person, just like the birds. a little while after i got up this morning, i decided to go out and check on the birdies at the feeder. side note, we have bluebirds, cardinals, goldfinches, doves, tufted titmice and chickadees all at once, at any given time! so, i went out to check on the birds, and as i was walking down my sidewalk, i noticed something on the bricks on the front of my house. so i walked a little closer not expecting much, and i realized it was a baby snake. a copperhead to be exact (yes, they're poisonous). the only reason i didn't pee my pants was because i'd just gone to the bathroom, but i can tell you that i felt like i wanted to pee myself! you can't even imagine how scared i am of snakes. anyway, the spawn of satan was clinging onto the bricks because they were warm whereas everything else was so cool. i debated whether or not i should call chris to come and take care of the snake, or just wait and hope the nasty thing went away, far away. i reminded myself of the black snake that got inside and stretched out in my bedroom the summer before last, and the decision was easy: CALL CHRIS! so i did, and he came like my knight and shining armor and rid me of the little beast forever! the end.

and that's all! how has your weekend been so far?


  1. Looking forward to your new shop update -- I'm just loving the headband and ring from your shop!!!

  2. Oh man! I wouldn't sleep for a month in either of those slithering situations. Just seeing them on tv usually is proceeded with bad dreams. And that's for even a simple garden snake!

  3. my weekend has been calm - just like i wanted. im off to buy a gold spray can tomorrow. and spray some nice things i have had in mind for half a year- which the photo reminded me of.
    have a wodnerful weekend.
    cant wait to see your shop - when will you put them up?


  4. and your snake encounters!

    excited to see your new pieces.

  5. Ahr! Snakes, scary. Glad to hear you got some help to get rid of it.I can't believe one got into your bedroom,brrr.
    Although my husband and I are living in a concrete world which is New York City, I saw once in our living room an insect long and I like a girl typical started screaming Tim un millepatte. Tim came to my rescue. I wonder how this millepatte got in our apartment. I could not finish my breakfast after this. New creations!! This is exciting. I can't to check out your store. Have a good day!

  6. that looks like my hands after screen printing! And my arms, and my shirt. Damn. And my table.

    I hardly ever flip my mattress. Like maybe once every 3 years. It's kind of hard.

    Looking forward to your new goods!

  7. i love snakes! i have so much empathy for them. it's no good to have poinsounous ones in your backyard (or around you for that matter) though!

  8. I know exactly what you mean about being that scared... eeep, I hate snakes! and spiders, and roaches, and monkeys (yes. weird.) you're lucky Chris will help you, Matt makes me do all the dirty work :( but I don't think I could handle a snake!

  9. Oh, gosh! Snakes are so scary - if I found one in my backyard I'm not sure what I'd do! Luckily, the only things wild and free in my garden are my bunnyrabbit, puppydog, tiny birds and mice...
    Cannot wait for your cute little shop update :)
    Love, Athena. xxx

  10. i had to work at the library all weekend. i like your feather tattoo!


    I love anything that glitters!!! and i'm loving all the new shop pieces!

    since i had to work all labor day weekend, the ONE thing that kept me going was this weekend- going to my first ever DALLAS COWBOYS GAME!!! i wore our twin pair of mocs to the game and i'm so glad i did-- they were SO comfy and i got a lot of compliments :)

    it was AMAZING to be at my first NFL event, even if my team had a HUGE upset. some girls want jewelry {only if it's dino toes for me *wink} and flowers... not this girl. Take me to a sporting event ;)

    i've also been spending time with our new fur baby addition- stella! she's sitting on my lap as i write this ;) love her!

  12. Fantastic about your new shop, but totally creepy about the copperhead. We used to have a black rat snake who lived on our porch at hour old house. We moved (a whopping 1/2 mile) and now just have lizards. I think having 2 dogs keeps the poisonous snakes away. At least I'll keep telling myself that.

  13. ha ha! I'm so very proud of you for flipping your own mattress all by yourself. I ALWAYS struggle with that! :o( I always have to wait for my boyfriend or brother to help me with it. It's so heavy! So yeah, I totally empathize and congratulate you for that! ha ha!



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