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when amy and i were in sausalito, we went in this store that had a pretty impressive display of stones. i actually felt like a nerdy elementary-aged boy because of the amount of time i spent looking! aside from amethyst and clear quartz points, they had stones that i can't get at my local gem stores: huge citrine points, fluorite, pale green star mica and several others. i'm still kicking myself in the butt for not getting more (in particular, citrine), but i did get a few pieces, and here's what i've used them for so far...

i think my favorite souvenir has to be these stones, because my favorite hobby is making anything with stones or metal! i'm especially excited about the aragonite because of the smaller crystal clusters growing from the larger part. so pretty!

so, you may start to notice that i will do more "what i've been working on" posts, but i can assure you it's not shameless self-promotion; i have plenty of shame, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right? i'm not trying to be super saleswoman, but after questionable business practices by chris' employer, my husband is now without a job. it's not a sob story, but my hope is that someone with money to spend and nowhere to spend it will see what i've been working on and think, "i must have that!" fair enough?

so, how has your thursday been so far, and what have you been woking on?


  1. you've been so productive! and everything is so pretty!

  2. if i could, i would buy everything you just made!
    dan lost his job a couple of weeks ago, got an offer out of the blue from an old employer of mine and now has a job. i'll pray that something like that comes up for chris... it's so nice getting surprise job offers.
    love the rings and the new necklaces - oh and in regards to your wishlist wednesday post, i feel you could easily make those triangle rings yourself, no? you are so talented.
    much love x's gazillion

    ps. i love knowing what you're working on... and what's wrong with a little self-promotion?!

  3. Danielle, my husband lost his job a few months back. I know how it is. Don't fret. Something totally surprising and amazing will take its' place.
    As for self-promotion: what you do is a part of you. Only you can make the beautiful pieces you make...it's your voice and perspective that I want to read about! It inspires me to also share my voice.
    Art is personal. It takes guts to share.
    Kuddos, Sister. You've inspired.

  4. these are amaZIng! gotta hand it down to you- youre brilliant! love your jewelry darling
    have a wonderful productive weekend ;)


  5. and my thursday has been pretty lazy. im thinking and having lots of ideas but i just dont sit down and work work work with them..
    im job hunting for the moment- which is exhausting..

  6. those stones friend!

    will you e-mail me when your lovely rings will be in your shop? i'm loving all of them...i'm a super ring junky and those are so pretty!

    promote yourself away lady! you're talented, so it's ok :).


  7. danielle, seriously! LOVE LOVE LOVE those new rings! can i go ahead and pay you for the white stoned one? i want it. Like HAVE to have it. ;) i'm serious!

    so please keep doing these "what you've been working on" posts cos they are truly my favorite and it's not really in the style of "selfless promotion"-- i think we all know the difference ;) it's more artistic than "buy this! link this!" you know? this is a talent you have. a true art. Not that others don't... Lord you know what i'm trying to say right?

    good for Chris to not put up with anything questionable when it comes to business practices! i'll be praying for something wonderful to come along.


    ps. my thursday was long at work but then i came home and took THE longest and most needed nap with maverick sleeping on my pillow next to me. I have never slept better! then i took max out to La Carreta ;) our favorite.

  8. Your nerdy elementary school boy moment was quite worth it, everything is so lovely!

    Also, sorry to hear about the issues your husband encountered with work. Sending positive thoughts your way -- those sorts of transitions present new challenges, which lead to great opportunities!

  9. I LOVE that white stone ring.

  10. Sorry to hear that. I am sure something better awaits him. I love your jewelry. I love my new ring and wear it everyday; so beautiful. Have a good day!

  11. i really like those rings! if i had money to spare...i would totally buy one. i am sending positive thoughts your husbands way...things have a way of working out.

  12. I adore those rings! Great stones!

  13. oh no I hope Chris finds a job soon. (and you 2 have fun while he is getting unemployment). Loving your headband in the last photo. Your jewelry always reminds me of my geology classes in college (big dreams of a geologist career my freshman year). You need to make some stuff out of coal!!
    have a happy labor day weekend!

  14. I wish I had enough money to buy everything in your shop. Seriously. It's all gorgeous. Can I have a teensy little bit of your talent, please? ;)

    Sorry to hear that Chris lost his job -- I'll be praying that he gets an amazing new offer soon!

  15. OMG these are all amazing! love the flat stone blue ring and the triangle quartz necklace, both amazing! How do you attach the stones to the rings are they just really well glue gunned? hope you don't mind me asking! Your very talented!

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  16. Wow! What beautiful pieces you are creating! I love the clusters of crystal... so pretty!

  17. I have an unemployed partner myself (and a reduced contract at my job) so I certainly know what it's like. I'm still feeling so guilty for accepting money for ads on my blog... but yeah... you're not MAKING anybody do anything, and it seems as though in this world of internet selling, you have to constantly be up in people's faces to remind them that you're there. It's too easy for someone else to come along and distract everyone.

    I love those rings!

    Good luck to you two xo


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