instant film + san francisco = instant happiness

i've been meaning to scan in my polaroids from san francisco ever since i got back, but if i didn't procrastinate, i just wouldn't be myself. anyway, my scanner is old and not the best quality, but you still get the idea. i don't care what any techie says, film just can't be beat! i love its soft, nostalgic quality, and the fact that you have to wait for it to be developed (whether it develops instantly or in a few days) makes it like a little surprise every time!

the first is from the beach, second is at the palace of fine arts, third is in the rose garden at golden gate park, fourth is at the conservatory of flowers, and the fifth is again from the palace of fine arts.

i didn't really do much planning today for a blog post as most of my day was spent getting a closet organized. i kid you not, there was a mountain nearly up to my knees of chris' "play clothes" that had accumulated to the point that we couldn't walk in our walk-in closet. i started sorting yesterday and got that part done, but today i did load after load of laundry from the closet floor, vacuumed our closet so it looks like new, then put back only what really needed to go in, and the good news is, our closet floor is almost bare! of course my nesting instincts come into play since my time of the month is rapidly approaching, but that closet has been bothering me for a long time now! glad to have it behind me.

also, this is going to be pretty nasty, but since i had to see it, you have to hear about it. yesterday afternoon chris and i had to go to the dreaded mall because he needed new work shoes (his poor old shoes exposed more of his feet than they covered). as we were walking out of the door, there was a van parked by the curb with the mom and two children by it. the girl, who i imagine was 8 or 9 not only picked her nose in that public spot, but then proceeded to eat her finding. i thought my japanese hibachi lunch would end up on the sidewalk. seriously, booger eating, to me, is just as nasty as a fingernail coming off or puss coming from an open wound. i can't handle it! so my question is this: why do kids eat their boogies? i never remember even touching on that in any of my developmental psychology classes, and i'd really like to know the answer (so i can be sure it doesn't happen when i have a child).

how has your weekend/labor day been?


  1. Blech, I've never understood the booger-eating conundrum myself. Let me know when and if you find an answer to that!

    And those pictures are bee-yoo-tee-ful. I've been pestering Ricky on a weekly basis to take me to San Fran. Let's see if it becomes a reality sometime soon. (Hopefully before we pop out booger-eating children of our own.)

  2. I've spent my weekend sleeping and watching The Godfather trilogy. It's been good. haha

    san francisco

  4. Well, first off I love how polaroids taken presently make the world look just like it did in the past. Kind of a time warp or merge - like seeing everything in black and white all of the sudden. It's neat.

    Secondly, I don't think I've ever seen my kid eat his boogers, so not all kids do it. At least, not when you can see it. I also don't remember doing it as a child - and thinking it was gross when I saw it. So I think you're pretty safe - it's not as normal as you might think.

  5. according to my grandma - booger eating equals a lack of salt in a child's diet - no joke - that's what she would always say. no idea if that's true. but it is gross and i wish i had an apple for every kid i've seen enjoying their findings. apple eating is much more appealing.

  6. your photos are beautiful, i love love the one of the bird in the sky! i used to have a similar closet situation.. it feels so good when it's organized, no?!

    i spent my weekend in austin eating+thrifting :)

  7. Pretty pictures!
    Kids eat boogars because they don't know where to wipe them. At least that's the theory I've grown to understand. Keep Kleenex handy. Or threaten to tell their friends.Hehe.

  8. Oh, I love your take on San Fran! And you're so right, the nostalgia of these photos can't be beat!

    Not sure why the little ones pick 'n' their boogers...

  9. These are great shots. I, too, feel like I belong in California and beautiful photos like these aren't making it any easier to be so far north (not that Vancouver, Canada is bad at all...).


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