wishlist wednesday!

Most of the wish lists I do are made up of things I really like, and let's be honest, wouldn't mind having, but they aren't my heart's desire. Today (and pretty much ever day) I've been thinking about California, and how there's some indescribable and powerful hold it has on me; it's like when I go there I feel like I'm home. If I can ever convince Chris to go along with it, California is the place I'd like to be. Permanently. So my wish list today is what I really, truly want more than anything else...

First, I'm going to need a plane and a ticket to take me there. SFO, LAX, doesn't matter as long as I'm California-bound! Next I'll need a suitcase full of (all new...maybe?) clothes for the California sunshine. And I don't really need a plate, I'm sure there are plenty of plates in California so I won't need to take my own, but I needed something that actually said California, right?

Just for kicks (pun not intended at first), I thought I'd share a tangible thing I wouldn't mind owning. Cotton candy pink vintage cowboy boots! I'm truly not a pink, girly person, but how awesome are these?!? I could be a pink person for these babies.

Have a wish list you'd like to share? If so, please leave me a link in the comments section so I can see what you're currently lusting over!


  1. Yay! I love how much you love my blessed state. :) It's beautiful and sunny and breezy outside right now. I definitely advocate for convincing your husband to head west!

  2. Haha imagine if instead of passports you could use plates! WISH! I actually have a Californian plate and if I coiuld live anywhere in the USA it would be CA for sure :)

  3. it's been too long since i've been to Cali! (my sweet granddaddy lived in Pasadena. I miss him so much! and the lemon and joshua trees)

    Claire always talks about how awesome it is to live there. I can just imagine!

    it's been so long since i've done a wish list, it was fun! :) thank you! so many pretty things!!! my hardest thing is coming up with a theme ;) i LOVED yours this week cos it told a story- j'adore those boots! (and the pun lol)


  4. I love California, too. I really want to end up there in my life, like you: permanently.

  5. I want want want all of it :)
    love your blog lady!

  6. I actually secretly wish that my husband would get relocated to Texas... I've never been there, but I'm pretty sure I would love it! Is that weird? :) Love your blog!

    And I need some new shoes... I travel to San Diego for work every so often and love it, but I really, really love Palm Springs. California is fun, for sure!

  7. I never was in CA but I can imagine that it must be amazing... Really want to go someday. Maybe then you'll live there, than I can visit you! :)

  8. those boots are even too small for my midget feet :(
    cute wishlist. don't you love vintage state memorabilia? I want to collect the state hankies and frame them.

  9. oh & I need a pair of red cowboy boots so keep an eye out during your etsy browsing ;)

  10. hope you can sell chris on the idea :). good luck with that!

    love you girl!


  11. You've gotta come out here! Do it, do it!


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