them branches are good for hangin'

I don't why I called this post such a ridiculous name, because I can assure you I don't talk like that off the internet! Anyway, I've been wanting to make this type of display for quite a while now, but I just had to figure a time when Chris and I both didn't have anything else going on (I'm a terrible carpenter, so I require his assistance). The other weekend, I got an email inviting me to another art fair (at this gallery) on July 24th, and since I had such amazing luck last time, I knew I wanted to do it again, which meant I needed to get these displays made sooner than later!

I didn't think while I was working on them to take pictures along the way, but they're super simple to make, so I thought I'd tell you how...

The first thing we did was went through the woods looking for the perfect branch. My advice would be to get one from a recently fallen or dead tree, but not one so dead it'll break from the lightest touch. If you get a green branch, you're going to have to set it aside for a few days and let it completely dry.

Once I selected my branches, we went back to the garage, and I cut the end/bottom flat with a band saw, then I cut the little branches back far enough so that they were strong enough not to break when something was hung from them.

Next (this is where Chris comes in), the lumber was cut into two 4"x4" pieces. Then the base of each branch was measured, and Chris drilled a hole that size through the lumber, in which to place my little trees.

Once the branches were set into their blocks, a wood screw was used to "pinch" it in place and ensure it wasn't going to wiggle, spin or fall out. Then the last thing to do was paint! See, it's an easy project, and a fun way to display your jewelry!

Lastly, if you're in or around Charlottesville, Virginia, you should stop by and see me at The Bridge on Monticello Road from 10am to 5pm!


  1. great idea!!! I am the queen of wanting something and seeing it exactly in my head how I want it but never being able to find it exactly- this is a great solution to that problem-- just make it yourself!!:)

  2. How awesome! You are too talented for your own good, missy. I would totes do this project if I wasn't so clumsy -- I'd probably end up sawing my arm off or something.

  3. this is such a great idea!
    but i possess neither a saw or carpentry skills.

    good luck at the show!

  4. yours are way better than mine!!!!

  5. Nice DIY job, very cute. They will look great in your bedroom too after the craft fair!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  6. see, i wish i was crafty like this! gorgeous displays even with instructions and i would fail miserably ;) i would LOVE to go see you!

  7. That's so cool, Danielle! Love the look! Maybe I'll try to convience my brother (he's very talented at all things carpentry :)) to help me build such a cool thing!
    Have a lovely day!

  8. these are so cute!!!
    and cheap, just like I like my craftiness.
    we are currently obsessed with a picture of rough wood branches used for curtain rods in the new edition of Real Simple. So awesome.
    yes you need a summer hat! you could always just go old school and steal one from the husband trucker style!

  9. they look so so good!!!! love them

  10. this looks great! i've seen similar styles in stores...never thought of diy. great idea :)


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