i was going to call this "feather friday" but now it's saturday.

i intended to blog yesterday, but i ended up hammering a few pieces of brass, drilling said pieces of brass and some bullet casings, and falling asleep on the sofa before 10pm. so yesterday's post is now today's!

lately i've been obsessed with making bullet and feather earrings (and i have lots to go in the shop in the coming days). i'm having so much fun putting together different color combinations with different chains, and in different lengths; i feel like there isn't enough time for me to make as many variations as i see in my head! also, yesterday was "feather friday" because of the cutest set of cards micaela surprised me with! i'm not sure why they made her think of me...

how cute are those cards?!? the one on the right is a sun conure, just like miss dinosaur toes! i told micaela that when i have cards so beautiful, i set them aside and wait for the PERFECT opportunity to use them, because they're far too beautiful to send to just any ol' person!

now that i've gotten the feathers out of the way, here's a public service announcement, if you will...

have you ever found yourself assuming or inquiring as to a woman's pregnancy status because of her age, time in a marriage or relationship, or the fact that she's hungry for something specific or just in general? well, i'm here to tell you that it's rude. apparently, being a 28-year-old married woman who is not expecting is socially unacceptable, and warrants those assumptions, questions and comments. it gets real old. for example, here is a typical conversation i may have with someone on any day of the week:

me: "i'm hungry. i'd like mexican"


the fact is, anyone, men included, can crave a certain type of food, or just be hungry, and it doesn't mean that person is pregnant, it means that person is human and wants to eat. i was talking with someone recently who is a few years older and has experienced the same thing, and we agreed that it is no one's business, and no one's right to ask about pregnancy. what if i wasn't able to have children? what if i had one and gave it up for adoption? what if i was pregnant and lost the baby? none of those things have happened to me, but one of them has happened to her, so she's even more sensitive to people's prying.

i didn't mean to write a book, but i swear i have to deal with sort of thing several days a week, and i can purposely be a bitch and tell people that i DO NOT want to be asked about it anymore, but for some reason, they never listen. women in long term relationships without babies are not sideshow freak acts, we're simply a. not ready for children, or b. not going to have them. okay, rant over, but be sure not to be one of those people that constantly makes assumptions!


  1. Your feather earrings are gorgeous! And I have to say thank you for posting that rant. Like you read my mind :) Have a great weekend sweetie!

  2. love em! kelly and i made some long feather earrings and put them in the shop!
    can you help us?
    we erased our copy and paste box under our "share the bueno" can you tell us how to get it back please:)
    oh wise one!

  3. I may have to buy some of those earrings. And goodness those note cards are so beautiful!
    One time when I was in grade school, there was a 50+ year old teacher who someone asked 'when she was due'. That didn't turn out well.

  4. cute earrings! and yes im going through the same thing-about twice a week someone says i could be preganant because "im starving" or "i feel like ice cream for lunch". Im 27 & married and now everyone expects me to be pregnant!So annoying!!

  5. Your earrings and the cards Micaela sent you are beautiful!

    I am so with you on the rant! I can't believe people would pry so much. I never really experienced it because I married a bit older. And honestly, it's shocking that anyone would think it's OK to just ask about that, because of all the questions you bring up. What if you can't, etc.? Or what if you ARE? But you are waiting to tell people after the scariest miscarriage days have passed...

    OK then. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. omg i have to know where she got the moluccan cockatoo ones!

  7. holli, aren't they the cutest?!? she got them in baltimore, md at a card shop that's going out of business.

  8. You're totally right. It's almost as bad as my grandma telling me I "might end up alone" because I'm not married yet (I'm also 28). hahaha.

  9. danielle you are so cute! :) they TOTALLY made me think of you! i'm so glad you liked them and loved our quick chat yesterday. (btw, i had an okay night at work but an even better one today! i found a pretty cocker spaniel a nice loving home! THAT always feels good!!!)

    i'm loving your new addition to your shop. Now that i'm working, i can't wait for my paycheck even more! ;)


  10. i LOVE that first pair of earrings! so pretty danielle! and the notecards that micaela gave you are super fun, but i know what you mean about waiting for the perfect time to use them :).

    and p.s. 28 and unpregnant is NOT socially unacceptble. especially in portland. the median age of the parents of a 3 year old at my work is probably between 35 and 40. it's actually kind of the opposite here...if you have a baby prior to 30, people are like.... "WHAT???"

    don't worry friend :).


  11. I hear ya! I am starting to get similar questions, and quite frankly, I just don't have an answer... I am right here right now and doing things as they are and as they come. I am not thinking about babies, I am thinking about work and life... I will let them know, they don't need to ask!

  12. Well if craving Mexican food makes you pregnant, then I'm carrying like, 12 kids. JK. Definitely kidding. Ahh, when people assume...you know the adage ;)

  13. I'm so glad I'm not alone in this feeling. I think every conversation I have with someone always manages to swing back around to So when are you going to have kids? You'd be a great mom! And while that's nice and whatever, it super irritates the hell out of me. Just because I'm married doesn't mean I have to start popping out babies and just because everyone else my age seems to be doing so doesn't mean I have to. Thanks for mentioning how rude it is.
    Also I just found your blog. It's super pretty!


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