a happy mailbox.

So the last few days have felt like Christmas for me, minus the food babies, excessive spending and annoying family. I knew I had a little surprise on the way from Annie Cristina, but I had no idea that she'd basically send me an entire store! I can't lie, she's one of my favorite blogging friends, and I often wish Florida and Virginia were closer to one another! Even Chris was jealous; anytime I get fun packages in the mail, he always says that maybe he should start blogging for all the great friends!

Can you believe everything she sent me? And I also got a cute beaded elephant bracelet in the package, but I forgot to photograph it (even thought I set it out for that very reason). I'm sure you can see why I feel a little spoiled right now! Side note, do you feel weird about posting pictures of yourself? I do. Okay, so as if that wasn't enough, that's not all I received! The sweet and beautiful Fritzi Marie offered to send me a set of Grease buttons! Growing up, my brother and I religiously watched Grease and Mannequin every single day of our summer break for several years. I still love Grease and sing the songs quite often, and I imagine this button now makes me an official Pink Lady (Frenchie was my favorite)!

While I'm on the subject of gifts, remember how I begged you to help Chris and I out with the altruismed project? Well, I still have some little gifts waiting around to send to anyone who prints out a card (or multiples) and lets us know how they used it!


  1. i am in love with that turtle necklace. it's sheer perfection!


  2. What a fabulous package! Lots of really cool stuff.

    My sister and I watched Grease all summer long, too, when we were kids. I kind of miss it!

  3. Aw, I'm glad you liked it! The headband looks so cute on you. :-)

    I always feel weird posting pictures of me online, too. And Ricky downright hates it when I post pictures of him. But I do it anyway. ;)

  4. Oh wow that is a fabby package! Yeah tell your man to get a blog so we can hound him to let you have a donkey ;) LOL

  5. Pretty "Frenchie",

    Oh my, you scored and you look adorable.
    I'm so happy your pins made it to you safe and sound.
    I hope you can talk your mister into being your T-Bird tonight.

    love love,
    Fritzi "Rizzo" Marie

  6. You shouldn't hate posting pics of yourself because you are so beautiful and look adorable in all your pictures! Great loot, too--mail and packages are so much fun!

  7. oh too cute! &so sweet <3

  8. so fun! annie cristina really is the sweetest...she's always leaving the nicest comments :).

    lucky lady :).


  9. I LOVE GREASE! what a great mail stash!

  10. such pretties! the turtle necklace is beautiful!

  11. I am also in love with that turtle necklace, any chance you would tell us what shop is that from? please? :)

  12. annie, when i want to post a picture of chris, he tell me that he has to approve it before i can, to which i reply, "it's my blog and i do whatever i want!"

    taz, i love your thinking! trust me, if i ever do get a donkey, it'll be the scream of excitement heard 'round the world!

    claire, you're always too sweet! i guess i hate posting pictures because i'm just so incredibly shy.

  13. oh wow those are all amazing - your soo lucky to have built up such a great friendship :D xx

  14. grease and mannequin rule! i wanted to be kimmy and walk like an egyptian hahaha!
    and of course i wanted t be sandy!!!!! we would of been great friends when we were little kids too~

  15. aren't the connections we make on our beautiful blogging world amazing?! if it wasn't for blogging, i would have never found you. and these gifts are AMAZING!!! seriously! and perfectly you. i adore both girls.

    cheers to happy mail indeed!!!

    i believe in random acts of kindness and your husband's project is amazing. i've been meaning to blog about it because it's just my kind of thing. i think if max had that idea, i would love him THAT much more. I mean how incredible! i loved hearing the story on the webpage about he came up with it.


    ps. i haaaate taking pics of myself! i have to take like 20 for one semi-good one. YOU are sooo photogenic!


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