why i love my chris.

For those of you who don't know him, this is my husband, Chris, or as I like to call him, Chrissie. Since the dawn of time, or at least the last eleven years feel that way since I'm still somewhat young, Chris has been the one person I could count on for anything and everything. I've never forgotten how much I love and depend on him, but recently I was once again let down by someone close, and it just reinforced that Chris is my true soul mate; he's not going anywhere, and he loves me even when I don't deserve it. Okay, that's so out of character for me to be sappy, now it's back to normal. This is why I love my Chris...

1. He lets me have fun without worrying that we're acting immature.

2. He doesn't get mad when I call him the girl in the relationship. He's sappy, he likes romantic comedies, and he lives to snuggle. See?

3. He protects me from snakes even though he hates them, too.

4. He agrees to compete in my pool races even though he knows I'm going to win.

5. He lets me use his tools even though I play rough and have burned him before with a red hot bolt.

6. He wakes me up every morning before he leaves to tell me he loves me and that he hopes I'll have a good day, even though my breath stinks and I tell him to leave me alone.

7. He lets me cook fish, without complaint, as often as I want, even though I know he'd prefer beef.

8. He lets me put makeup on him when his sugar is low (he's diabetic, and he may kill me for sharing that).

9. He sings me made up songs in a voice that sounds too animated and cartoonish to come out of a real human being.

10. He lets me be the animal-loving, tree-hugging, uber sarcastic, introverted, creative oddball that I am without ever trying to change me.

And that's why I love my Chrissie.


  1. This is darling and I loved reading it. I want to love that way someday!

  2. aww, after that, I love chris. He sounds too good to be true. I think my favorite thing you listed is that he makes up songs in a cartoonish voice to cheer you up. I love crap like that. You two are just huggable. squeez!


  3. Madame,

    #8 You're dead...j/k. I like being your goofy better half.


  4. bahah. that picture is classic.

    ♥ http://www.allisterbee.blogspot.com

  5. love it! this list is so cute!

  6. Um you two are THE CUUUUUUUTEST ever! I really hope that I can someday (soon) make it down that way to meet you in person! I think that your list is wonderful! (and I am sorry about the person who let you down).

  7. Well he sounds like the perfect man...no wait I have the perfect man...actually mine would fulfil most of those criteria too. lol We both have perfect men then I guess!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  8. Um, that was the sweetest list ever. You two are so flipping cute!

  9. what a great guy! thanks for sharing.

  10. i love how life reminds us to appriciate those close to us. great post of gratitude.

  11. These are all sweet reasons, but the last one is priceless. So cute to see others swoon about their significant others.

  12. This is absolutely so sweet. It's so cute to hear about him. He sounds hilarious (in a fantastic way!)

  13. this is what love is all about!!! :) even if it's "out of character" i love this list!

    because you chose things that were not just the obvious things (like #8! ha i love it)

    you guys are too cute together.

  14. i love that you took a moment to be sappy :)...i'm sure chris will appreciate reading all of these things.

    i completely know what you mean about how great it is to know that you can always depend on a person. i had a situation awhile back where a friend really let me down (we're not really friends anymore) and it just reinforced how glad i am to have craig who loves me unconditionally and will never leave :). i'm so glad you have that in chris.

    love you girl & i hope you guys have a good weekend!


  15. Aw, I love this post. It makes me want to go hug my boyf. Even though he *never* lets me put makeup on him. ;)

  16. this is so cute. i especially love the photo! i'm glad you guys have such a fun relationship. the world needs more like you two! :)

  17. This is a wonderful list! So important to make these every once in a while, isn't it? I especially love #6 so so so much, I think that is exactly me. Have a great weekend!

  18. Loved this <3 Its so upbeat and beautiful.

    Missed you! :)



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