when you're behind on laundry: an outfit post

bye bye until april, bare legs. this outfit sort of has me going in circles - one minute i think i like it, the next minute i'm telling myself i shouldn't wear it again. it always helps me make decisions (and i never like making decisions) when i can list out the pros and cons, so let's do that...

scarf: vintage/thrifted, corduroy blazer: vintage/thrifted, dress: target, boots: vintage/thrifted

- this scarf is one of my favorites
-green is my favorite color, and i think the pale green color of the blazer is perfect
-it's comfortable
-i have pockets so i don't have to worry about what to do with my hands
-i like that there's some print mixing

-because of the blazer's longer length i think it makes me look shorter, so maybe i shouldn't have worn flats.
-although it's not a loose-fitting outfit, i don't think it's necessarily figure-flattering
-i saw my stepmom's stepdad when i was wearing this outfit, and before any pleasantries were exchanged he said, "it looks like you've gained some weight." nice. i don't think i've gained weight, so i'm wondering if the outfit adds non-existent pounds.

what i would do different the next time i wear this outfit: trade the flat riding boots for a pair of black wedge ankle boots and add black tights. what do you think? yes or no?


  1. Yeesh, nice comment! I think you look fantastic - rock it!

  2. I think you look cute! - it definitely doesn't add weight or anything like that but if you're not feeling it, I think black wedges would work with black tights for sure. Even black leggings with a long black tunic-type top and ballet flats. Also, in spring time, it would be really cute w/a pair of cut off denim shorts, a white v-neck shirt and some sandals.

  3. I LOVE that scarf, blazer and dress together. Really, almost any black footwear/legwear would look great with this outfit. You look fantastic!

  4. green looks great on you and i love the scarf. i have a hard time wearing non circle scarfs, you make it looks so effortless!

  5. I like this outfit, and I don't think it makes you look fat! How rude. Heels are always flattering, but every time I try to wear them, I get tired before I leave the house and switch to flats.

  6. i love this outfit! i think it looks great and you look great in it...
    sorry i have been pretty much non-existant lately, i'm lame sometimes and have been sucked into other situations. hope you had a good new year :)

  7. desiree, thank you!

    megan, from now on i'm just going to start sending you pictures of my clothes so you can tell me how to put them together ;) i kid! but i know you'd style me well!

    mandi, thank you! that scarf is one of my favorites, and i only paid $1 for it!

    cb, thanks! i always have to fiddle with my scarves forever before i'm satisfied!

    april, i get it. i rarely ever wear heels because my feet can't take it. i wear wedges, but even those i'm picky about; comfort is key!

    thank you, brittan! please don't worry, i know i've been MIA as a friend, but i still think about you ans posey, and i miss our ichats!

  8. I think you look AMAZING. I personally find this outfit a breath of fresh air, like, seriously. It's relaxing, easy on the eyes and so stylish. You also do NOT look like you've gained any weight!!!

    Like other people have said, if you aren't feeling the outfit, definitely change this or that. Just my two cents, though, you look gorgeous!

  9. I love the green. And I am always about comfort, which generally means no heels. I can't believe someone thought you looked like you gained weight, you look amazing, as always!

  10. Oh, c'mon! Erase the "Cons" part of this post. It's a really cute outfit and you don't need to say anything negative about it!

  11. i love it! i think you have two outfits here. as is and for another occasion add the wedges and tights. forget the comment you looking stunning! i seriously love your style ;)

  12. the only thing that stands out to me is that the blazer kind of swallows you. you don't look like you have gained an ounce, but blazers in general that are longer can take over an outfit. I think the black tights and heels will make all the difference.

    and really girl, you have this amazing ability to wear just about anything. this outfit included, but i totally know what you mean when you cant decide if you like an outfit, or hate it. i call it a "gear crisis" and it happens often in my world. and ps, green suits you, always. i think it's just your color.

  13. LOVE that scarf! What a find!

    I just saw your post on april, maybe. Glad I found your blog!

  14. I might be a tad beyond obsessed with this jacket. It's so perfect!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. I think it's a great outfit! I definitely don't think it adds pounds.

    And in reference to your question about the boots...they're definitely not vintage, but they don't have a label on them :/ Sorry!


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