ice ice baby

first, the good news: CHRIS IS HOME!  he ended up not getting home until monday instead of sunday because they made stops along the way to fully enjoy the road trip experience, and i really am glad he had fun and made the most of their trip (even if it meant i sat at home feeling sorry for myself)!  anyway, it's hot here.  i always find myself longing for snow around may or june, and that's when i really start becoming attracted to things that seem cool and crisp or remind me of ice; things that almost make you feel the cold winter air; or at the very least, make me feel the cool breeze that accompanies a summer storm.  that's why i'm really loving these things...

find these beauties here (from the top): specimental, sirli mosaic, ben forgey dot com, meg a myers, the revolver, agjc, lucky hemlock.

have you been coveting anything recently?  and is it hot where you are?  i went to grandma's on saturday and hung out while the pool was being opened, and in no time i had a clog and shorts farmer tan, which means it's officially summer!


  1. it is starting to get hot here in CT but it has been rainy and humid. sooo i am craving the spring we haven't received yet- which means cool nights with my windows open with my curtains swaying back and forth. i just love that. we are opening our pool this weekend! i can't wait for it to be swimable!

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  2. I love those tables! They kind of look like creatures. It's pouring rain here right now. But it's okay with me cuz I really really love the rain. (And I'm kinda too lazy to work on my garden anyway.)

  3. You always find THE BEST art on etsy! I have two prints that you've mentioned in the past years because I loved them, and also more from the same artists. I agree that those tables are amazing.

    Texas is so, so hot already!

  4. LOVE that triangular ring - SO pretty! It's not quite too hot here yet...I always find myself wishing it would be hotter and then when it is, I wish for cold...ah well :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. Those coffee tables are incredible! What a great and cool collection of items :] It has been hot and sunny where I live as well but I am loving it :]

  6. i love when Jacob goes out of town. 1. i get to do whatever i want 2. bed to myself 3. I can watch all my shows without him sitting next to me making fun while he too cannot look away 4. it makes us miss eachother
    I pooled it up this week too! ITS SO HOT!!!! This weekend we will survive the heat by going to the lake!
    Lobe the ring and that table that looks like something you would make if you made furniture. IDEA!


  7. incredible pieces!

    xo Nav

  8. I love the glass hanging terrarium thing!
    The weather in the UK has been AMAZING recently. In fact I'm going out in it now to check out the last day of the Leeds Loves Food festival.
    I'm moving house in a month so all of my covets are furniture related at the moment.

  9. I'm really digging that pretty ring!


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