a recipe so good it'll make you punch the air repeatedly.

i wanted to blog about this yesterday, but since my growling stomach wouldn't let me (okay, i confess, i ate my bowl before i could take a picture), we had to plan it for today. i decided this weekend that i was going to make granola. i don't know about you, but i love granola; like, marry it and have its babies love it. so i looked through a few recipes and i found one i thought i'd love and marry like. it turned out great. so great in fact that i had to make a second batch because between chris and flojo, there wasn't much left for me, and i also made a batch for my pop! next time i think i might add dried cranberries or maybe some almond slivers.

mmm, it's delicious plain, or over fat free vanilla yogurt! i swear it's too good to be healthy. now, in case you want it, here's the recipe!

2 cups whole rolled oats (no quick or instant oats)
1/4 honey (i use a few extra squirts, too)
about 1/8 cup oil ( i used olive oil)
pinch of salt
1 teaspoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

mix it all up and spread it out on a baking sheet. bake at 350 for about 10 or 11 minutes (over 12 and it gets burnt), and stir it up once or twice.

it passes the flojo taste test, and that's a pretty big deal considering how picky she is about her food. to be honest, she doesn't just like it and want a little, but she gets so crazy about it i wouldn't be surprised if she threatened to bite an ear off if i didn't let her have any. "mmm, can i have another bite?"

aside from making granola, i've been feeling kind of crappy. i don't know if it's a cold that's trying to get the best of me, or if it's sinus trouble because of all the leaves and bulbs that are blooming, but either way, i've had enough! and i'm thinking i did some serious nesting over the weekend. not only did i make three batches of granola, but i crocheted two dishcloths, and damn if i didn't iron my pajama pants! i blame my monthly hormones. how was your weekend? good, i hope!


  1. Haha. Ironing pyjama pants is pretty awesome and funny. This granola recipe looks good. I'm going to make Jeff make it for me. :)

  2. Your post title hilarious!! Can't wait to try out the granola. So yummy! And don't feel silly, my grandma irons everything too! :)) xoxo

  3. That sounds a lot like my granola. We are obsessed and I try to make it every two weeks so we can have it for breakfast everyday. Mine uses 8 cups of oats, so it makes a giant batch but the more the better in my opinion. Plus it freezes well. You should try my recipe...it pretty much is the same but with nuts and rasins (you could sub dried cranberries). I promise, you won't be disappointed! :)

  4. haha that looks so yummy, flojo is a beast! shes gonna eat it all!

  5. you ironed your pj's???!!! that makes me belly laugh, so thank you! lol

    i will be making this granola...i already have everything i need to do it so i have no excuses!

  6. Hooray for the crochet! I love that you ironed your pajama pants, ha ha ha! flojo looks so happy with her granola, I love her little tootsies holding it (and I can see she has her happy eyes on, even if she is watching the camera with skepticism!)

    oh, and I don't know if you have seen it or are interested, but I am doing a spring giveaway on my blog :)

    hope you feel better!

  7. Flojo looks so gorgeous in this photo! Hope your feeling better soon.

  8. i would think ironing pj pants is crazy but somehow not for you D! ha

    THANK-YOU for sharing this recipe because now that i have a cubicle again, i'm going to need some healthy, easy to bring with you (and THANK GOD make!) snacks on hand. (gorgeous plate!)

    i'm going to once again show chip a photo of flojo and convince him we need one in our family of 3 dogs.

    i turned 27 this weekend so it wasn't so bad! not with an INCREDIBLE husband and with our closest friends here being our neighbors who know i love to eat -- they treated us to pad thai (my choice!) + brought me a cake! i plan on being fat on this fat tuesday ;)


  9. This granola sounds SO good! Huge fan of granola, and breakfast for that matter.

  10. You crack me up...I would totally iron pajama's...then consider it dressy! :) ha ha! I am going to try your granola recipe for sure...I sorta kind loooove granola too! ;) It makes me feel good, and keeps me full till next meal time, whats not to love! :) Thanks for sharing! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  11. that granola looks soo good! and is it on top of yogurt in your photo?? thank you so much for posting the recipe...yum! flojo must be in granola heaven.

  12. i was just coming to tell you i put your earrings on my blog today, but i guess you beat me too it.

    xo monica

  13. She's SO fargin cute! Um, can I have a bite?? I think I'll make this & send you pictures because it looks amazingballs! I'm totally adding almond slivers...yup. Doin it.

  14. oh my goodness danielle, thank you so much for posting this recipe! every stinking recipe for granola i find has weird nuts or berries in is and all i've ever really liked in simple rolled, crunchy, semi-sweet oats. cannot wait to try the recipe out, SOON, i hope! it's probably that much better knowing it passed the flojo taste test, ;], haha. will let you know how my batch comes out when i make it! <3 <3


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