a little spring time thriftersizing!

i've been wanting and wanting and wanting to do some thrifting lately 1. because i like it and love the thrill of the hunt, and 2. because i'm hands down the biggest cheapskate i know and everything's cheap when i thrift! the last time i thrifted was before christmas when my girl fiancee and i went. that's just unacceptable. i was really looking for those great gauzy, flowy, hippie tops, but they've become so rare i think i have a better chance of winning the lottery than finding one in a thrift store. anyway, i did find a few things that i'm really happy with, and i figured i'd vlog about them. but of course i'm shy, blah blah blah, feel embarrassed, had to do seven videos before i acted normal... you get the idea!

a little spring time thriftersizing! from Danielle Tanner on Vimeo.

also, a few mentions: my new favorite word is thriftersize thanks to my soul sister, carla. claire, even after that many takes, i'm still fidgety like i just commited a crime, but not as bad as i was in the first video! and girl fiancee, thrifting just isn't the same without you!

and, if you don't already follow sarah's blog full of eye candy, go see what a day in the life of dinosaur toes is like!


  1. Oh my gosh, you are the cutest ever!

  2. Ok, I lied when I said that your day in the life of feature sealed the deal, because this video blog is the real reason why you are my favorite!! Officially! Adorable!!!

    I made Doug watch my first video blog and I stopped it half way through and closed the computer and told him he couldn't see it because I was sooooo embarrassed. He watched it anyways when I posted it and said it was fine. It's so hard though, I always do 100 takes and still feel like such a nerd!

    You did really good though, and those purses are super cute. I've been obsessed with vintage picnic baskets lately, and those remind me of them.


  3. Aw, I love it! You're too cute. I've been wanting to make a video but I'm super shy too.

  4. Your story about your first video try is hilarious - I haven't seen a vlog before actually but yours is great, I love it!

    The woven bag with the handle is beautiful, and such a nice colour too. You guys have the best thrift stores. Thanks for sharing your finds!

  5. you. are. adorable.
    that's it.


  6. This is so cute! I love your vlog and your accent! I feel like I know you better now. I'm not sure I will ever do a vlog post. I'm way too shy! This totally made my day, thanks for putting yourself out there! Oh, and good (cheap) finds, too.

  7. i'm not even joking! you are just THAT much more da bomb in my book:) love this vlog and love that you did it despite being shy, as you say. i'm very shy too especially camera shy. but you inspire me and maybe in 3 years i'll consider doing one too. also, your thrift finds are beautiful!

  8. Eek! I love this! And I love that woven bag of yours -- perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  9. 1. Why so legit?
    2. Why you so stinkin' cute?
    3. Why you no share that last bag with aforementioned soul sister?
    (now I want to vlog)

  10. you're awesome...

    those bags are awesome...

    awesome all around!

  11. Look atch you! I love this and I must say I don't think I will ever have enough girl-balls to make a video of my myself. Hehe!

  12. Cutest video ever! Also I am in love with your accent. Also-also, those two bags are so cute. Also-also-also, I am never vlogging because I would probably hurt myself doing so, I'm so awkward and clumsy naturally.

  13. This is the best vlog i've seen anywhere.
    You did a great job. and your bags are lovely

  14. god, i'm in love with you and the way you say "thriftin" you're my favorite person ever, next to CAL of course :) Vlogs are super weird, and kinda fun at the same time, you should do them more often :) and i love your braid tooo, did i mention i loveee youu-ou

  15. danielle, LOVE IT!!! :) you are so cute!!!!

    and i love those bags because they are so you! tell me about it... i so miss thrifting because it isn't the same without your girl fiancee and because the places here really doesn't compare to our spot, even if the old lady was grumpy most of the time and hated me lol

    i guess i may have to consider vloging sometime in the near future which you would think would be easy for me since i used to report but alas... i think i would say "um" a lot lol did you use your camera or webcam?

    i hope you do more of these because it was so much fun and it was like i was nearly back in VA again with you ;)


  16. i loved your day in the life post! you and your bird sound adorable!

  17. you're so ADORABLE! haha I love the fact that you did it twice because of your shyness. <3 oh, and that round woven baggggg AMAZING!!!!

    I haven't got around to post a vlog. I am beyond shy. I think NO words would come out. :/



  18. I totally agree with your rave reviews...you are the sweetest and cutest ever! You looked great and sounded superb! I loved those bags, what a great deal. You should definitely keep with the vloging, you did a great job! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  19. Wellllllll all I'm doing is echoing what everyone else is saying, but YOU ARE THE CUTEST THING EVER. Seriously, I am not kidding when I say I had a huge smile on my face the whole time I watched this. You're precious!! And your shirt is beautiful. And you don't seem fidgety, although I'd love you just as much if you'd just committed a crime (I mean, I literally just got home from the prison, ha).

    However, I am going to have to demand another vlog soon so we can see Flojo!

    xoxoxoxox PLEASE keep these coming--you are darlin!!!

  20. Oh. My. WOWZA! You are my favorite & now I'm going to get my arse over there & stalk you. BTW, both those bags are amazingly rad! I wanna grab you & give you a huge bear hug! Oh & Chris is a meanie...so PHBBT! ;) I love that Mars said you're her favorite next to me...she's a weird ass! haha! I love you two so much, but I DO love you as a stalker...especially now. Beware, white girl, comin to get yah! {i leave the creepiest comments!}

  21. Danielle, you are so much more animated in real life!!!
    dont be nervous girl! let your crazy card shine!!!

  22. hi lovely!
    thanks for stopping by me- looking so cute in this video. these bags are so nice. LOVE thrifting too- it's so much fun.
    Hope to see more video posts ;)

  23. This just made my day! I LOVE the video. You are so calm and collected...like a pro. You'd never know you were shy. You are too darn cute!!!

  24. you are super super duper cute :).

    this vlog made me miss you even more than i already do. i need more danielle in my life.

    also....i'm incredibly impressed that you overcame your shyness to make this video - you were great lady! bring more on please!


  25. Youre too cute in this vid! Dont be afraid of your followers, we think youre rad!

    <3 Sarah

  26. I just watched this and I can't get over how cute you are!
    For some reason I totally imagined you without a southern accent so it's a little weird to hear you with one! You need to keep vlogging you're super cute!
    PS We do a weekly vlogging party which makes it a little easier/more fun, you should check it out!

  27. you are so sweet and adorable and pretty! i am just like you, super duper shy-- i don't know if i could ever get myself to do a vlog. it's so bad that if i record violin, i make my husband (who is the recorder) go in the other room while i play. but i was born with the shyness, so that's just the way it is :)

    yay for you! do more please!


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