Happy hatch day!

Happy Hatch Day to my beautiful, silly, playful, smart, loving, amazing baby, Flojo!  Today is Flojo's 8th hatch day and I plan to give her all the treats she wants.  I'd say I also plan to give her all the kisses she wants plus some, but that's actually every day.  Here are some of the most stand out memories from these last eight years with my best friend...

1. When she was learning to fly, first she would take a little jump and flap her wings two or three times and seem so proud of herself even though she didn't go more than an inch or two; then a few days later, after she got the hang of flapping, she would do more flapping but end up going backwards.

2. The time (shortly after she was able to fly a foot or two) she quickly ran down Chris' arm, stole a marshmallow from his bowl of cereal and then flew with her stolen loot toward her cage.  Until then we had no idea she could be so quick!

3. We were still hand feeding her when Easter came, so Chris put those little pastel plastic Easter eggs around her with one opened so it looked like she'd just hatched (second picture in this post).

4. The time she had to have Marvel Aid (bird medicine) which kept her up the ENTIRE night climbing loops in her cage, and every time she got to the top of her cage during a loop, she'd hang upside down with one foot, squeak a few times, then continue the loop.  It's was a sleepless night, but she was feeling back to her old self in the morning!

5. Each and every time she falls asleep snuggled against my chest, every time she quietly whispers to me and rubs her cheek against mine, every time she gives me one of her sweet kisses, each time I get to rub her feathers and watch her eyes get sleepy, and every morning I get to wake up and see her beautiful face light up when she sees me.


  1. I have never heard the term hatch day, but I love it! Happy 8 years to sweet flojo

  2. Happy hatch day! I've never seen a bird fly backwards, that would have been fun to see.

  3. Aww! This is the sweetest post ever!

  4. Happy Hatch Day to this incredible aviator!!

  5. Aw, this is just precious. :) Happy Hatch Day to your little parrot-beastie!

  6. Happy Hatch Day Flojo!
    This is such a sweet little post. The babies grow up so fast.

  7. Happy Hatch Day little Flojo! What a handsome bird!


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