Our trip to the north.

Our trip to Pennsylvania was way too short, but I guess that's always the case when you have fun.  I'm not really sure what to say about it other than we covered a lot of ground in just a few days, my brother is hilarious and therefore fun to be around, southern hospitality and manners really are limited to the south, and I wish my brother and his girlfriend lived closer.

On Saturday we went down to Baltimore to explore the city a little and go to the aquarium, which I hadn't been to in over 10 years!  It's incredible how quickly time passes when you're an adult.  I took some pictures with a little juice box camera as well, and those are the pictures I'm most looking forward to seeing!

Other than that, it's back to work, work, work for me.  Oh, and laundry.  How have you been?


  1. That last picture is creeping me the F out for some reason.

    1. You should have seen the 4D movie with that thing creeping all over the ocean floor after starfish to eat; that made it look even freakier!

  2. love Baltimore aquarium! i always wanted to be the person that got to play with the dolphins at the dolphin show!

  3. Pennsylvania and Baltimore -- two of my old haunts! Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  4. i love that first photo! and i agree, that last one is freaky! i love the aquarium, but those imax under the sea movies are too much for me. they always seem to have a scene with a huge shark jumping out of the water eating a seal that makes my heart beat fast!


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