happy friday!

i just wanted to stop in real quick to say that i hope you guys have a nice friday and a great weekend! thank you for your comments on my last post, and just so you know, kona isn't skunky anymore thanks to the concoction i whipped up to combat the skunk's spray! and speaking of kona, here's a video of him from earlier in the week doing one of his favorite indoor activities: helping to do his part to keep the floors mopped. one more thing, chris wanted for me to clarify that he wasn't naked, his shorts just aren't visible. as if i'd post a video when i knew he was naked. pshhh, that boy.


  1. Ha-ha he is adorable! I love dogs. :)

  2. Hahaha I've done that with Cypress too! And I'd like a video of YOU NAKED WHAT?!

  3. Oh my goodness - that video is the CUTEST :)

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