i was wrong!!!!!: an outfit post

i don't know about you, but i'm never wrong. like, ever. i jest. or do i? the point is, i made a comment last week that turned out to be wrong, but in this case at least, i'm happy about it! i said farewell to jackets, but mother nature threw a curve ball in the form of a cool, rainy day. i love spring weather, but i also love jackets. and you want to know what i love even more? nice, semi-cool days where a jacket is appropriate - the best of both worlds.

jacket: american eagle, sweater: halston/thrifted, skirt: forever 21, sandals: dr. scholl's, bag: pulp vintage shop

this outfit is nothing spectacular, i know that, but you need something with room to grow when you go out for pancakes, so i went prepared. the main thing i wanted to show you was my bag! suzie from pulp vintage shop and i did a little switcheroo and i'm now the proud new parent of this vintage bag. i couldn't be happier, because if the fabric looks like it could have also been used to make drapes or upholster a sofa, i'm sold.

also, do you guys have a pair or ten of these dr. scholl's exercise sandals? they've been around for decades, and with good reason: they're amazing. they're so comfortable, and they last longer than any shoe i've ever owned. i used to have a pair in white, but who knows what happened to those. then about 7 or 8 years ago i got this pair in tan, and i kid you not, aside from some dirt on the bottom, they look the same now as they did when i took them out of the box, and i've worn them A LOT!

i have to tell you about my day yesterday. i'm not one to wish a day would hurry and end because life is so short, and i never want to lose a single minute. yesterday, however, really went downhill fast. kona and i went out for our regular walk and shortly after chris went up the road to his granny's and kona followed him, like usual. after a few minutes i got a whiff of a skunk, and i knew it was nearby. about that time chris came flying around the corner saying that kona just got sprayed and the skunk was rabid. my animals are my babies, and i can't handle the thought of not being able to snuggle them at all times, but there was no way kona was coming inside until he was clean. i thought i'd let him air out for a while, but i hated not having him beside me, so i found a recipe after some googling that people swear works on dogs that have been sprayed. since kona hates a bath inside, i knew he'd REALLY HATE a bath with the hose. he wasn't so bad at first, but when it came time to rinse, he whined and jerked and ran under the deck where i couldn't get to him and refused to come out. then, when i was looking underneath trying to lure him out, i noticed a dove that had nested near the steps. at first i thought it was hurt, but after calling chris over, we realized that the dove was no longer alive. so then the tears came. and came, and came, and came. i can't handle death. at all. especially an animal's death. so i sat in the yard by myself and just cried. kona finally let me finish rinsing him, and luckily the recipe worked pretty well, so then it was time to bury the dove. we have a little animal graveyard where our yellow lab, cheesecake, is buried, and where we've buried other wild birds that we couldn't save, so we put the dove there and i cried some more. as much as i appreciate every minute i have, i don't want a repeat of yesterday ever again.


  1. *big big big hug* Girl!!! I am so sorry. I know how you feel - I haven't had a pet sprayed by a skunk, so I don't understand that part, but about animal death. I can't handle seeing a dead animal, or even thinking about one that is (such as a bird outside, etc.) I do everything I can to help a stray, or an injured bird, etc. I really love that you guys buried the poor little dove. <3

    I hope you're feeling better. I really wish I could give you a big warm hug.

  2. Awwwe! I completely understand how sad it is to an animal who has passed on :( It is SO SAD! My mother used to let us(my sibiligs and I) have any pet we wanted as long as we cleaned up after it and at one point we had A dog, 2cats, guinea pigs that gave birth to 3 babies!, a rabbit and garden snake my brother insisted on having... and we were a busy and happy household indeed until one of our beloved pets would pass on and I would cry for days and couldn't shake it-- I think the fact that you cried for the dove shows your compassion and love for animals and honestly, more people need to have that!

    I am glad your recipe got the skunk smell out of your dog and he is huggable~! <3 Hope you have a great day!

  3. AW I really like this outfit, its simple but adorable.

  4. Oh Danielle, I'm so sorry, that really does sound like the worst day ever! I love that you buried the dove in your little animal graveyard, I am the same way and I think every animals death should be mourned. I'm just glad that Kona is ok and that you can give him all kinds of hugs and snuggles. I'm pretty sure we are animal loving soul mates and just know that right now you are totally my hero :) Xo Lori

  5. oh man sounds like a rough day. i hate wishing a day would hurry up too but this one sounded like it needed to. poor kona! that must have been awful for him, one moment he is smelling a skunk and next getting a bath! did you use tomato juice? i have always wondered if that actually really works.
    hope today is better!

  6. BAH! A skunk! Omgosh!!! no bueno - but you know what is bueno? your purse. haha

  7. Gahhh skunks! Cypress was sort of passively sprayed once, the odor eventually went away.

    I'm also terrible with animals dying. When I was a kid I saw this little mouse in our garden...it was really weak and was barely moving. I asked my parents what was wrong with it and they said it was probably going to die soon. I went into my room and F'ING LOST IT DUDE. They came in and told me that no, it was probably just pregnant! And when they tried to pick it up to put it in the woods it ran away totally healthy! Awesome! I found out like, four years ago that no, it was half dead, and they sort of threw it into the woods.

    It's worse than that, though--I can't walk into an animal shelter without bursting into tears.

    BTW I saw you cry about the dove and love the taste of your tearssss

  8. oh terrible. my childhood dog got sprayed by a skunk and it was so horrible! ugh, i can STILL smell it on our screen in porch in my mind! yuck.

  9. You are like the sweetest person ever - your pets are so lucky Danielle! Hope today is a better day for you, and that Kona smells more like roses than skunks today. Loving your jean jacket :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. You poor little lamb. What a day! Poor Kona :( I still can't quite imagine a skunk in real life. Obviously we don't have them here, you whole ordeal sounds awful!

  11. I've always fancied buying a pair of scholl sandals, however I've heard that they can be a little uncomfortable, your experiences welcome!


    1. Wow, you really had to go back a ways to find this post to comment on anonymously; and to think, you didn't even bother to use correct English or actual facts to insult me - tsk tsk. Better luck next time.


  13. do you have a video of yourself walking in scholl sandals? drschollfan@yahoo.com

  14. sholls are hot, hot, sexy, sexy, elegant, excellent choice, marvelous the white ones with a jeans´, just love seeing mature and young women wearing them! And the noise when walking? They are simply the best kind of shoe a woman can wer!


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