i want to come outside...

so many times i've gone outside only to find flojo on the loveseat by the window watching me. she'll dance and talk and do anything she can to get my attention! each time i've seen her by the window, i've regret my decision to go outside without my camera. on sunday, i finally remembered to take it with me so i could take her picture, and a video of her dancing to get my attention!

flojo just makes my heart so happy! lucky for her, i won't be spending much time outside this week as it's supposed to be rainy, and i saw that the high temperatures are only supposed to be in the lower 70's, and even the upper 60's in the middle of the week! WHAT?! i love weather like that because it makes me feel so cozy and snuggly inside reading a book or working on jewelry.

so how was your labor day weekend? ours was good and bad. chris's grandma died on sunday morning, and even though we all knew it was coming, it's always hard to understand or accept a loss. monday was nice though; last month we'd signed up for a marathon to benefit the rachael horton compassionate care fund, which was started after rachael (chris's cousin) and her husband aaron died in an apartment fire in april. it was amazing to see the number of people (over 200) who came out to support rachael's dream and honor her memory. so i guess it's back to jewelry work for me. have a good tuesday!


  1. this is why i'm hot, this is why, this is why, this is why i'm hot!

    (for some reason, that song came to mind watching her boogie) :)

    our cat Stormy will sit at the screen door and watch me outside too...all I can see is her orange eyeballs peering at me over the frame, it's cute and also sad at the same time!

  2. Oh wow! That is so cool that so many people went to the fundraising event to support them! I'm sorry about Chris' grandma though...that's never easy.

    Flojo though! What a cutie pie! She's so attached to you & just wants to go outside & play! I must tell you...when I was at the beach this weekend I saw a family with their African Grey on a leash! The bird was so happy looking! Playing in the sand, watching the sea gulls! I thought that must have been such a treat for the bird. =)

  3. she is so flipping cute! poor little thing, just wants to hang out with mama 24/7, so cute!! our kitty LOVES hanging out with us on the porch but we have to keep a good eye on her so she doesn't wonder off.

  4. Beautiful bird! Parrots scare me since my mother's boyfriend had a parrot and the thing attacked me one day, but they're so gorgeous and, aside from that little jerk, can be great pets :) Love the pictures and the video.

    So sorry to hear about his grandmother's passing. How awesome that the fundraising effort was so successful, though.

  5. Aww! Don't you have a little cage for her? We take Hermes outside whenever we're spending any amount of time out there. He loves it! Sun, wind, yell-chirping at passing cars and people (as if to say hello?), and watching hawks circling in the sky (he quiets and watches them very carefully. I think he knows they're much bigger than him and looking for food -- possibly of the small budgie variety).

  6. I am so sorry, this is so sad. I hate to say goodbye to loved ones.

    Flojo is so funny. You two are the perfect pair!

  7. That's the birdie version of my cat's meowing which sounds a lot like Stewie demanding Lois' attention.


  8. Ack! Sorry! I got so distracted by the pretty birdie I didn't see there was more to the post.
    I'm sorry for your family's loss :( And awesome for you guys participating in the walk in Rachel's memory! It's such a great cause!

  9. That's so awesome that you got to do something like that, Danielle!

    Flojo cracks me up!
    I've kinda decided that you need to put rap music to that Flojo video. If you want, email it to me and I will add it!
    I found this song by Lil Wayne called Poppin' Bottles that I think would be perfect for this. This has Youtube sensation written all over it!

    So sorry for Chris' grandma. Send him our love.

  10. awwww what a cutie! she is one happy dancer :)

  11. holy crap, flojo is the cutest thing ever! (well, besides posey, of course!) i love that you can just imagine the narrative going on while she is dancing around trying to get your attention!!!

  12. Nawwww, Flojo you funny little thing! So sorry to hear about your loved ones. I hope things look up soon.
    Toni xo

  13. What a sweetie! Flojo's got moves! :)


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