hey kids, how's life?

the universe, that crazy kidder, must have read my last post about how i'm not so sure about blogging anymore, and how i don't know if i want to keep up with it. well, it turns out i do, but a sneaky little virus made its way into my laptop (and i can thank my addiction to watching True Blood online FOR FREE for that) and metastasized into some giant flesh and baby-eating disease. so basically what i'm saying is, i wanted to blog sooner, but i'm kind of at a loss when everything i do and need is on my laptop! i shouldn't be too upset though, because we do have a desktop computer that is so old i bet a pterodactyl used it to check its email so i can at least get a few things accomplished!

lately, i've felt like the lady smashed by the book, only i've felt like i've been smashed by a truck. at first i thought it was allergies, but it ended up being one heck of a bad head cold. i think i'm finally starting to feel a little better...for a few minutes anyway! also, i've been immersed in a book for book club. i finished it on tuesday evening, and i ended up really liking it. it's called "the worst hard time" and it's a non-fiction book about several families that lived in the dust bowl in the dirty thirties. i didn't really like the writer so much, but the things i learned and read about were both interesting and heart-breaking. it's hard to imagine living somewhere like that and knowing you can't leave (example). and aside from that, i've been filling my head with trash by watching too much jerry springer, i did manage to make a few pieces of jewelry yesterday, and if all goes well, i'll try making donuts for the first time this weekend! so how's your life? what's been going on?

about the legs in the book - is that not the most awesome bookmark you've ever seen? i want it / need it / have to have it. i showed it to chris the other week and told him that while i wouldn't pay $25 for just any old bookmark, i would consider that an investment 1. because i love to read and always have a book or forty near me at all times, and 2. it's a piece of art! so what's not to love?! you can find other styles in the etsy shop HoneyCase2.


  1. True Blood. <3 Sorry you got a virus though, those are no good, super bad un-fun. >.< And your cold! :( So doubly sorry!!!

    I hope you and your lappytop feel mucho better soon!

  2. So sad that your laptop got a virus! I've missed you! & even though Facebook is on crack & we haven't been chatting...I LOVE coming here & reading your blogs about life & books & donuts & randomness. Going to look at bookmarks now. Tata!

  3. I'm so glad you decided to keep on blogging! You are one of my favorite bloggers and the internet would be much sadder with out you..and your birdie! :) Happy Thursday, hope you feel much better soon.

    PS: That bookmark is SO worth the $$$.

  4. I would like to know what kind of email a pterodactyl would get.

    I love that bookmark! Sorry you're feeling gross, hope you feel 100% soon. :) <3

  5. That is the most amazing book mark I have ever seen.
    i have been feeling kind of angsty about blogging lately. about the internet in general (sorry you get my ranting texts...blahhhh)
    anyways, Danielle, I'm glad you didn't leave the blogging world. I like sorting through the mess that is facebook for you also.
    anyways...thats all.

  6. um, that bookmark is so awesome! but i do hope you feel better. :(

  7. That book mark is awesome!

    I'm just getting over a cold too. It seems to be lingering round and I just can't shift the cough and runny nose. I hope you feel better soon!


  8. the lady legs bookmark is now at the top of my wishlist! love it.
    glad you're still up for blogging!

  9. so you weren't feeling well! hope you're feeling much more up to par now! ;-) that bookmark is funny! love it!

  10. Umm, yes, that is totally the most awesome bookmark I have ever seen! :D

    star-crossed smile


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