minty fresh

friends, romans, countrymen, i had the flu; therefore, fingers that hurt too bad to type, and a brain that hurt too bad to think.  but i think i'm on the upswing, and if you play your cards right, i'll probably survive.  i've been saving these pictures since last friday when i wore this outfit.  you know how sometimes you wear something that you just really like, and makes you feel good?  that's this outfit; 1. mint green is my favorite color ever, so finding a vintage chiffon mint green skirt in a thrift store for $3 was like a dream come true. 2. i'm wearing a t-shirt, and anytime i can wear a t-shirt i'm happy.  3. i got these shoes for so cheap it was almost like stealing.  4. glitter belt.

t-shirt: kohl's (about 6 or 7 years ago) // belt: thrifted for $2!!!!! // skirt: vintage/thrifted // necklace: i made it // shoes: rugged wearhouse

i kind of wanted to show you my shoes since i love them so much, so that's the explanation for the awkward third picture.

so how have you been?!  even though it's only been a week since i've blogged, meaning a week since i've gotten to read your comments that i love so much, and read your blogs, i feel like it's been ages!  last night was the first night i started to feel like i was alive, and i'm definitely feeling more improvement this morning, which is good, but i swear i think trouble just has a way of finding me, or maybe i have a way of finding it.  i'm not even going to tell you how because it's way too embarrassing, but last night i managed to break two toes on one foot.  so graceful, right?  so today i'm covering up those bruised and swollen eyesores with clogs, and because I CAN'T EVEN WALK ON THAT FOOT!!!!! (so mad about that) i will be using crutches i haven't used since my knee issue in high school.  hopefully my little piggies will heal quickly, but i have a feeling that once they're on the mend, i'll find some other trouble...


  1. oh no! between the flu and your toes you are not having a good week. rest up! i broke my foot a few months ago and had the flu at the same time so i know exactly how you feel! it's absolutely terrible. stay off of your foot and feel better soon! xo

  2. Everything about this outfit is stellar! I can't believe that skirt was only $3, what a steal! I hope your feet heal quickly though, I know how painful/what a pain breaking toes is...

  3. I love that skirt. I can't believe it was only $3. A little known fact about me: I have broken the pinky toe on my right foot approximately 10 times. It's my glass toe and now barely resembles a human toe after all these years. You don't realize how important that little guy is until you break it and can't walk right. I feel your pain and I am wishing your toes a speedy recovery.

    Penniless Socialite

  4. I cracked my toes on the bed the other night - given that my toes aren't hurting now I don't think I broke them this time.

    The memorable time I broke my toes was in the middle of a rehearsal for a school production - I hobbled around on them (I think me and my brother were dragged up so A+E was a last resort kind of thing lol) and just figured they hurt because I was charging around I'd be fine when I got home.

    Well I got up the following morning or something like that and they were still hurting - my Dad ended up strapping them together for me and I nearly ended up wearing flip flops because I couldn't get my shoe on lol.

  5. Glad you are feeling better! That skirt and those shoes are amazing! I am loving anything and everything mint right now! Have a wonderful day! xo

  6. O man! Talk about adding insult to injury with breaking your toes after just beginning to feel better from the flu! That's just terrible. I broke my ankles 3 times as a kid. Yes, 3. One time I was hopping without my crutches on my good ankle while the other was in a cast. Then I fell. The next day they took the cast off the ankle that had just healed and put a new cast on the other ankle that I had just broke. Honestly. I couldn't even make that up if I tried.

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  7. I just found your blog when I was searching around for other thrifting bloggers- I'm so happy I did! I really like how you styled your midi- I'm not fashion-forward enough to rock a midi. The mint & gold combo is my favorite.

    I broke my pinkie toe last year...stubbed it on the coffee table...and it was totally amazing to me how much it affected my walking! And not to be a downer, but it was also amazing how long it took my toe to heal :( I hope you get better sooner than I did!


  8. I'm so happy you're back! And feeling better. And I'm sorry you broke your toes. I manage to break some toes at least once a year. So crappy. I hope they heal quickly! You're looking perfect as always. Xoxo

  9. loving this skirt!
    ps. you could win a fabulous gold bracelet to go with it here: :)

  10. The awkward third photo was my favorite. Also, I have a skirt almost identical to that one, so now I need a good plain white tee and a glitter gold belt.

    Oh and I have an unfortunate habit of breaking my toes more often than I should. Birkenstocks, as clunky as they are, work really well for being able to walk while they heal. If it's not too bad of a break.

  11. oh no the flu!!! oh you poor thing, i hope you are feeling better <3

    love this outfit sooo much!!! the skirt is perfect and i can't believe you found it at the thrift store! nice score lady and for $3 too! the gold belt is really awesome. i think i was a magpie in another life because i love shiny gold things...

  12. Oh gosh, the flu and broken toes! You have not been having good luck lately. I sure hope you feel better soon. I am in love with this outfit. It is definitely one of my faves that you've ever posted and I cant believe you scored that skirt for so flippin cheap!

  13. feel better! but i think this outfit is just adorable. love that skirt!

  14. Happy you're feeling better! I missed you. COME VISIT ME.

  15. Sorry about your (lack of) luck recently!

    On the bright side that is a great skirt find! Amazing colour and style!

  16. $3 mint green skirt. wow. amazing find!!!

    make sure you enter my giveaway! wanted to share it with all my fave ladies :)

  17. oh my goodness! sorry about your toes! that sucks!
    i love that skirt though. such a gorgeous color.

  18. Oh hey! Congrats on 666 readers!! bahaha.

    Bummer about being sick. Glad that you're feeling better now, though!

    Finding clothes for super cheap prices is the best. Man, I am so cheap sometimes when I'm out looking for clothes. I refuse to spend more than 20$ on a dress. Ha. I'm so cheap sometimes... oh well! It lets me save money to buy more important things like tea. & yarn.

    MAN, what a HUGE bummer about your foot! GAH! That must be so painful. Stubbing a toe is bad enough, but breaking TWO toes? AHH.

  19. the skirt is amazing and I am excited to see your tattoo. ! x


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