the day my life was put on hold: an outfit post

after a lack of blogging, i'm back. one of the world's greatest evils, malware, downloaded what can only be described as the worst VD of the internet onto my laptop, completely took over and made this machine its bitch. since then i feel like i've been almost completely lost as far as blogs go (and if you've noticed i haven't commented, it doesn't mean i don't think you're awesome, it means i was crying in a corner thinking of all i was missing), including mine. i always notice when i skip several days or even a week of blogging, i will always, without a doubt lose followers. i had the "yes you should/no you shouldn't" battle in my head this morning about posting today or any day, because i'll be honest, when people are fickle, for whatever reason, i take it personally. there, i said it. BUT, i decided that i was going to be honest with myself, i can't go without the interactions i have with you guys, even though i don't really know you, and that alone makes me keep on blogging, quality posts or not!

denim jacket: american eagle // striped sweater: halston/thrifted // skirt: vintage/thrifted // shoes: payless // bag & scarf: vintage/thrifted

about this outfit: this was one of those outfits you kind of throw together when you really don't have time to think about what you're wearing, and even if you did, you don't really want to think about what you're wearing. i like the way it came together (even though hiding my waist with that jacket makes my hips look 8 feet wide), so maybe i should try it more often, but, you know, have a backup outfit planned just in case.

also, chris pretty much threatened my life if i posted this picture of him, but i think humor is more important than safety, don't you? sometimes he likes to pick on me when it comes time for pictures, so while i walked away for a second, he got in front of the camera with my bag and said, "ooohhh, looks, it matches my shirt." that can't not be shared.


  1. Thank you so much for posting that photo of him. Seriously.

    Let's talk blogging, yes? I feel the same way as you. When I lose a follower I slowly weep while listening to Iron & Wine and contemplate never posting again. If I don't LOVE an outfit or the photos, I sit for a few minutes before pressing 'Publish' (like today for instance, and no that's not me fishing for compliments, that's me deciding I should donate the white pants I just thrifted). I seriously always love the outfits you post, and anyone that stops following you is missing out... I mean, the least they could do is keep following to see pics of Flojo!

    All of this to say, I love this outfit, your hips do NOT look wide, and I'm glad this made it to the internet. :)

  2. I know exactly how you feel, Danielle. But I love all of your posts and look forward to them popping up in my google reader!
    Also, I really love this outfit and it may be my most favorite of yours!

  3. I know ALL about VD, let me tell ya!

    Glad you're back in blogging and still looking adorable.

  4. I love that raspberry colour (especially with the stripes). I need some of that in my wardrobe! I take everything personally, too. Even things that aren't necessarily directed right at me, I come up with reasons for how that person was trying to hurt me somehow. I'm trying to get over that. It's hard.

  5. I really love the colour of the skirt! And that last picture is pretty much amazing. Definitely a case of humour outweighing safety...

    I guess it can be kind of hard not to take it personally - what frustrates me a lot is comments on my blog where people are just attempting to grab comments on their own blogs. It's not like I especially have high aspirations for mine (more than anything, I use it for escapism and just to enjoy pretty things since work can be pretty serious and stressful). But I always feel if you're going to bother to comment, you might as well engage with the content of a post, right?
    Perhaps I'm too optimistic, haha.

  6. bahaha - hilarious! chris, don't kill her - this was too awesome!
    on a serious side, girl - love the entire look! red skirt, stripes, leather cannot go wrong! happy weekend. xo

  7. Haha, I love that pic of your husband. I miss you when you don't blog! I really admire your commitment to this wonderful little internet space! And can I just say that after reading your blog for a couple of years I've come to look forward to your sea turtle island vacation? Are you going again this year?

  8. Ha-ha I hear you! BUT all your posts are awesome.. so if you loose a follower they are missing out not you.

    Oh and this outfit! LOVE... so cute. I Love that bag. ALOT. Jealous you got it thrifting!!

    Oh... and that picture of chris is awesome. You know what I love to see? that I am not the only one with a closet boyfriend. My boyfriend dance around the house with his boxers on pretending he is at a club... but will not dance for anyone else... oh those boys.

    Sara :)

  9. i totally feel you lady. i love the interactions i have with all my blog friends, what blogging is all about! i love your outfit and of course i am always a sucker for stripes! chris is looking pretty good with that purse & scarf and he is showing off so better watch out, he just might steal your thunder! hehe

  10. I've been doing this blogging thing for about a year now & still when that weekend lull hits I go 'NOoooo what am I doing wrong?!'
    I just switched URLs/had some blogging software problems so I know that same 'lack of hits' feeling. And a bizarre urge to get back to those numbers as SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!
    Also, you look pretty. Love that purse.

  11. I missed you and your blog updates. viruses are the worst, from the worst kind of scummy people who probably also have VD from hookers. there, i said it.

    also, if I check your blog 10 times a day 1. does that make up for the lame people who stopped following and 2. does that make me creepy? y/n?


  12. Viruses are the worst :(
    Glad to see you're back though :) & I love the outfit (& oh my gosh the last photo, HA! :D)
    Ugh people do that to you, too? I'm pretty consistent with my blogging, but if I skip a normal scheduled post, or worse, if I stop commenting on other blogs for a couple of days, people stop following me and stop visiting my blog all together! Even if I still post, and I'm just not commenting on other people's blogs, nobody visits my blog! It sucks. :(
    xo Heather

  13. Just came across your lovely blog and GORGEOUS shop!!!


  14. haha! i love the last picture. i've actually been on a little break too from blogging and the online world. things are a bit crazy and hectic in our lives and i decided to step away for the the week. i feel so lost though! glad you're back ;)

  15. Oh no! Well I'm glad your back and your computer is sorted! I love the bag so much, very chic and vintage
    Daisy Dayz
    My Hub Pages

  16. AHh computer mishaps are the glad you're back! Love your outfit, and that pic of Chris is absolutely ahhhh mazing :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  17. Ahhhh, I get sad too when I lose followers, and especially when you are under 150, it hurts! I go through the 'am i shit? does my design suck? etc, etc.....then i just pretend that maybe that person doesn't have a blogger account anymore or some crap like that to make myself feel better. But yes, the interaction I have with my 'blogging pals' is something I do look forward to.....even though some 'real life' pals like to poke fun at it.

    So, glad you are back! And your hips could NEVER look 8 foot wide!
    t x

  18. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    O M G

    LOVE that you posted the pics of Chris being silly- I feel like it is completley justifiable since he was makin' fun, so its fine! I really want to know if he reads your blog and came across his pic. lol! oh boys! lol

    Also, ooooooh, la, la- love the red skirt! :)

    adorable as usual, and yea I totally understand what you mean about followers, but just the way some are easily lost, others are easily gained :) and how's the phrase go? "quality* over quantity" :)


  19. bahahahahaha i love it!!

    and i totally feel ya, when not blogging for a little while. it's such a bummer when that happens...

    and i wanted to share my giveaway with the blogger ladies that i adore

  20. i'm obviously behind on my reader but i'm still going to comment anyway, i'm glad you are back! I always think it is weird when people stop following you because you haven't posted in a few days. do people really notice that? and if i notice, it is usually because i really love that blog and can't wait for them to post again!

  21. Love this outfit, the colours work so beautifully together :) Nicely done!

    -LAURA xx


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