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i'm not quite sure where i'm going with this one, but i have a few things to share, so let's just mix it up like my grandma does with all the food on her plate (side note - my grandma was in a near fatal car accident when i was young, and since her teeth and some of her mouth isn't real, i used to figure that made it so she couldn't taste anything, therefor explaining why she mixed all her food together). first order of business, the sun conure. i was given this sun conure statue a few years ago, and recently i've been thinking about doing a little makeover. maybe a year or so ago in one of design sponge's sneak peeks, i spotted a large white parrot figuring similar to these, and i've wanted one ever since. being the cheap skate that i am, i wasn't willing to pay what some of them have been going for, so i decided to do the next best thing: spray paint!

before and after. i'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out, and i think i have gloss finish to thank for that. now the albino sun conure can become part of the albino flock in the den. and you can ask my soul sister, i'm all about the absence of color.

lastly, on the home decor front, i was talking to rosita earlier this week and i told her that as luck would have it, i was in possession of a large antique frame in which the kona painting fit perfectly. i told her that now he looks like a member of royalty being surrounded by this huge gesso frame, and she was curious as to what it looked like. so here you go, prince kona bear hair of virginia...

moving right along, this is the part about the music. i've said it before and i'll say it again, i think the best music EVER came out of the 70's. and one song in particular just never gets old; whenever i hear this song i sing like i'm ann wilson and air drum like i'm michael derosier. i will tell you though that i only do this while i'm driving alone, although my right leg starts twitching for a little bass drumming when i have passengers, but i've managed to hold it together thus far.

my brother and i have discussed music from the 70's before at length, and his theory is that musicians in the 60's over-rocked and over-drugged and took the 70's as a decade to just mellow out, which is reflected in the music, but i think musicians in the 70's still knew how to tear shit up! so random, right? it was just on my mind so i thought i'd share! what's your favorite music? and have you done any DIY around your house lately?

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  1. That song = amazing. Kona framed = perfection! He very much is a prince, a king, royalty! Albino flock = so rad! The lack of color makes me wish I knew what they looked like if they could fly away. Like, if they spread their wings & shook off, would the white fall off & reveal a rainbow of beautiful color that is only exposed during flight? Thoughts...churning. Butter, no, ice cream.

  2. So. I had to look at that first picture like 3 or 4 times to tell if that was a real parrot or not. Because I've looked at pictures of your actual parrot and been like, oh that's not real. Apparently I get confused easily.
    I love it now that you painted it white!!

  3. The difference in the bird statue thinger is amazing! I love it! You're so creative, I'm super impressed as always.

    Hoping you guys cool down soon!

  4. I want you to know that my friend's dad drummed on one of Heart's albums. And that we claim them as a Canadian band, even though they technically aren't. Love the new albino parrot and so glad that you're getting photos on the internet someway, some how again. Have a good weekend!

  5. lady it looks awesome! i love it! great idea to mix it up. love that dog painting to. reminds me of one my mom did of our doberman pincher, willy, he was so cute...miss that guy!

  6. Wow--albino birds for the win! And the dog painting pic's pose is super cute! And love the title...tell what you sell, eh?

    ~Eve S. D'ropper
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