deck my walls, bitte.

well, here's my problem... i spent about a half an hour on tuesday morning looking at interior design blogs, and of course i was left wanting to redo my entire house. it's a slippery slope; i look for inspirations, which is good, but then i get hooked and next thing i know an hour has passed and i have too many ideas that require way too much money! something i think can totally transform a room is a piece of art, and the best place to go, in my opinion, if you're looking for unique and amazing art is etsy. so i've been cyber stalking. big time. here are a few things i'd love to have, and of course i'm imagining a total room makeover based solely on the print or sculpture...

find these beauties here, from the top: sundaypunch, wyattellison, rosegolden, leahduncan, dkruegerbotanicart.

where do you go for art? is there something you can't get enough of, or plan an entire room around?


  1. Ahh I love that first print with the rams! I just discovered this shop on Etsy and they have little mini sculptures. Ahh I freaking love it! Heres the link cause I think you might like it:

  2. My husband always refuses to buy any art at Walmart or Target...we have to get it from a seller or from Etsy. We are big into personalized art :)

  3. that metal bear head IS SO COOL! I always want to redecorate but the expense and time required always stops me.. plus I get too many ideas and get SO overwhelmed :(

  4. I love Etsy way too much. I spent $50 bucks on one photograph the other day. I really love it though so I'll shut up. Love the things you shared!

  5. those are amazing I love the first and the buffalo one! I can certainly see rooms centered around those! I go to etsy for sure and I look in a lot of magazines! I think you should make some of your own art..I bet it would be fantastic..a huge installment with stones, chains and bullet casings would be really cool. Thanks for sharing! :) -Lo

  6. i've been decking my walls, slowly but surely. i've gotten half my art off of etsy, and the other half off of society6. have you checked that site out? tons of art, and all pretty affordable.

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