literary GREATNESS. and a snack.

last night was the book club meeting, and i can't even begin to tell you how excited i was to finally be able to talk about the thorn birds with people who actually wanted to hear about it! side note, i should probably apologize to my pop, my sister, and my husband, who heard about it non-stop for the last month even though i'm pretty sure they didn't want to. anyway, book club was great and we all enjoyed the book, so there actually wasn't all that much to discuss since we all agreed! if you have a copy that's been sitting unread, or if you're looking for a good read, i strongly suggest this book.

since erin just had a beautiful baby girl not quite a month ago, we all met at her house instead of going out to eat, and we decided we'd all bring either an appetizer or a dessert. it took me about 2 seconds to decide what i was bringing (because i really look for excuses to make this)! if you don't eat meat or don't like spicy foods we can't be friends then this may not be the best idea for you, but if you like both, then you should make this buffalo chicken dip! it's delicious and SO easy!

you'll need: one chicken breast, 8oz. package of cream cheese softened, 1/2 cup chunky bleu cheese dressing, 1/3 cup (or more if you want it extra spicy) frank's red hot sauce, tortilla chips.

-boil the chicken breast and shred it up once it's completely cooked.
-in a baking dish mix up cream cheese, bleu cheese dressing, hot sauce.
-add chicken to the baking dish and mix it all up so everything is evenly distributed.
-bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.
-enjoy with tortilla chips and don't leave a single bite or angels will cry.


  1. 1/ I really love that edition, that cover is great
    2/I've wanted to read this for ages

  2. angels and my girl fiancee will cry because i don't eat meat! but chip does, so i can be a bad ass wife and make this for him so thanks for sharing the recipe ;)

    i had been wondering what your book club book was! i just read what it was about on amazon... I WANNA READ IT! forbidden love? i'm all over it!

  3. I add extra bleu cheese. Like, a half a cup extra.

  4. this is a meal staple when my daughter is visiting her, it, and a bottle of beer with a book make for a WONDERFUL evening!

  5. Delish! I'm not a crazy spicy-food fan but I enjoy it in the right context. Thanks for this!

  6. DUDE TOES OMG I WANT THAT TO EAT RIGHT NOW... I'll totally eat it while reading this book in honor of YOU! Fargin hungry aye!

  7. You know what? I think I'm gonna do this with fake chicken. I've heard way too many people talking about it not to try it myself. Micaela should too cause it sounds right up her alley!!!

    I'm curious about the Thornbirds now! I do have it on a shelf and have overlooked it many a time, but now you have me rethinking that decision . . .

  8. we can surely be friends! i'm growling over here. meat, spice, and EASY? -- always the perfect dish. thank you! and a sure thanks in advance from my husband too.

  9. I need to get off my butt and read this book already. I think I was turned off by the movie, which I caught a glimpse on TV once and thought was utter cheese. (Something to remember: Never judge a book by its film adaptation.)

    I miss your face! Hope you and hubby and your assorted menagerie are doing well.

  10. in serious need of this dip right now. so hungry for junk food and spicy! (because its my friday) and weirdly, I haven't heard of this book. but I'm going to look into it.

  11. I am so excited about this post! I have loved The Thorn Birds since I was 12 and will be available to discuss it any time! :)

  12. I just bought an old copy of this book the other day! I mostly got it because it was pretty, but my mom said it's one of her favorite books of all time so I should read it soon. It's on the list! Just gotta find the time! I know it's around here somewhere. . .

    I'm going to make this dip. But I may change it up and use ranch dressing. You think it'd still taste good? I mean, I doubt I could go wrong with cream cheese, chicken, and ranch dressing. . . I COULD ADD BACON, TOO. Om nom nom

  13. I am actually going tog o get this book now! I just looked it up on Amazon and it sounds like it is right down my alley. Thanks for sharing.

    -Morgan (Born of the Sea)
    Born of the Sea <---this is my little blog

  14. dude, totally saw the movie.
    chicken sounds crazzzy good!
    let's talk tomorrow?!

  15. just ordered it from the library...i was thinking yesterday that i needed a suggestion for a good read. thank you!



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