monday morning thoughts

don't you sometimes have questions to which there probably isn't a definite answer, yet you ask anyway, hoping by some great stroke of luck you'll figure it out? well, being the detail-oriented, even slightly anal-retentive person that i am, having questions with no answers is not good enough for me. i'm hoping the universe is like a giant magic 8 ball and if i throw them out, somehow, some way, i'll get my answers (to the second questions, especially).

1. why is it that when i eat more for dinner i'm hungrier when i wake up in the morning than when i barely eat anything for dinner?

2. how old to i have to be before members of my family will understand that i am a mothercussing adult and i will make my own decisions regarding plans, life decisions, etc. without nagging from them?

3. why do people like country music? it makes me want to stab myself in the ears.

4. how come some people find potty humor amusing while others find it offensive?

5. how can little flowers turn into the most delicious tomatoes and zucchini i've ever eaten?

6. how come there isn't one little pill or one little shot i could get that would make me have zero periods for the rest of my life?

7. why do i love the taste of coconut but hate the smell of it?

8. why is it so much fun to pick skin once it starts to peel after a sunburn?

9. how come some people try to disprove anthropomorphism?

10. how do a giraffe's spots know to form in perfect little shapes that fit together like a puzzle?

11. how do flojo's feathers know which colors to be depending on where they come in on her body?

12. why is it that some people can paint and others can't?

do you have questions you've always wondered about but never had answered? i know i have tons more, but those are it for today. i'm sure in five minutes i'll think of like 14 others i should have added.


  1. Ditto on 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, and 11 (for Hermes). I think everyone can paint. It's just a matter of point-of-view.

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  3. I think the hardest one is the family one. As long as they exist, they will nag. That's just their job.
    It ticks me off too, trust me. I hate doubting my own decisions!
    I have other questions:
    1. Are there parallel universes? And if so, did I in fact invent the leading stain remover named Out Out Damned Spot?
    2. If someone farts in the woods and there is no one around to smell it, did it ever really happen?
    3. Why do people love the Jersey Shore?

  4. carla, you rock my mothereffin' socks. i also had questions about diarrhea, but i figured maybe you'd be the only one who would care to hear them ;)

  5. well, in regards to the hunger in the morning, theres a link with the word 'breakfast' or 'break the fast', if you will. because you are going through such a long time without food between supper and breakfast again, you feel a lot more hunger.

    correct me if im wrong, but thats what i think :)


  6. Number 1 is soooo annoying!! If I eat later in the day I wake up STARVING. I think it's because your bodies metabolism stays in "hibernation" mode longer when you don't feed it for a while, so your body basically gives up on telling you you're hungry. Which I prefer, I hate waking up all grouchy.

  7. hah. #2, i just don't even answer my relatives anymore when they come to me with such craziness.

    & i think #4 just helps make it easy whether i am going to like someone or not.

    great post :)

  8. When you eat a lot of food at night, your stomach stretches, so in the morning, it is still stretched out and that makes you more hungry. At least that is what I think. Which is probably wrong.
    err...#2, would love to ask my family the same thing.....
    you would love our old roommate.. he is the master of potty humor. And he loved to have in depth conversations about poop, every single time he came out of the bathroom.
    the answer to the rest of your questions is magic, voodoo, tacos (where are you Cal?)
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE picking my sunburns. I just like picking skin in general.
    errr...when you discover that pill/shot/etc, please send one my way...
    Oh and Carla, people love Jersey Shore because MTV tells them to love jersey shore. riddle me that.

  9. I only have an answer for one of these (which seems to be giving everyone trouble). I think #1 has to do with your blood sugar. If you eat a lot, it spikes it, and then it falls while you sleep, and you wake up starving. Maybe? lol

    Buddhism has this thing about how if you don't NEED the answer, then don't worry about it, which I really like, but I understand how annoying these things are. I just keep reminding myself it's not exactly imperative I have answers.

  10. I have a MILLION questions, constantly floating around in my head. These were great!

    #6 - Totally agree!

  11. can you add where do the pairs of socks disappear to in the dryer?

    why do i like tomatoes and hate ketchup with a passion?

    why do i have to sneeze RIGHT AFTER i put on mascara?

    why am i sleepy when i have the next day off but want to stay up when i know i have to be at work early the next day?

    but country music girl fiancee... it just goes with a texas summer! ;) ha okay okay, i don't like ALL country music but some so don't hate me okay? because i am a texan after all! :)

    love you! x

  12. 1. your tummy stretched from eating so much!

    2. 42

    3. I have no idea.

    4. same reason some people like country music

    5. only if you dont' pull them off. Seriously, one of my internet friends had been pulling them off too make room for the veggies to grow.

    6. 'caues it's probably not a good idea to mess with our chemistry that much

    7. because I hate the taste of it but love the smell!

    8. evolution. otherwise we'd just leave it there and that'd be gross.

    9. same reason as the country music question

    10. not sure, but they're just like our thumbprints, no giraffe has the same spots!

    11. the pigment starts in the skin. If you shave a cat their skin is the same color as their fur was.

    12. if we could all paint the world would be pretty boring.

    Also, my word verification is cherryfu. that is awesome.

  13. ohmygoodness! I LOVE country music! You break my heart, love!

    and for #7, I'm the opposite; I love the smell of it but the taste is eh, not so much lol

    great questions!


  14. Ohhh Danielle... I LOVE country music.. as you know! One day, Chris and I WILL get you to at least sort of enjoy it :) hehe

  15. I loved this post SO very much.
    I will add to #2: will my mother ever stop trying to convince me to become a teacher?
    #6: NO KIDDING. Yes it would be bad for you, but wouldn't it be magical if it existed and was a-ok? We can dream.
    Also, how can so much sass fit into my cute little dog?
    Where does all the dust in my house come from?!

  16. I shall answer your questions followed by some questions of my own.
    1. because your stomach stretches w/ a big meal so it's nice & loosey goosey for more food in the morn.
    2. it's not how old you are, but how old they are. you're the mature one.
    3. no answer to this one, people are stupid.
    4. most people have sticks shoved WAY up their asses while we pulled ours our during birth.
    5. flowers = pretty, veggies = yummy. duh.
    6. i don't know but that'd be awesome!
    7. because you're strange. although, i don't think i'm too fond of the smell either. hm.
    8. picking skin is fun, period. drugs are bad m-kay.
    9. the people trying to disprove anthropomorphism probably don't understand it because animals are smarter than them.
    10. giraffes are mystics with special puzzle powers.
    11. it has to do with this thing called DNA. <-- said like the dude from Jurassic Park.
    12. some people have brush stroke skills & others, like me, only do well with fine points. lame.
    1. What's with reality tv?
    2. Why do people like country music?
    3. Can I really talk to my animals telepathically or am I insane?
    4. What's with my fascination with Seattle?
    5. Why is the death star at the Vatican? <-- google it.


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