these just make my face happy.

hey friends! i hope your weekend was as cram packed full of sheer awesomeness as mine was. you want to know one really exciting thing that happened on saturday? when i went to the mailbox i saw that there was a package from my sweet friend beca, and before i even opened it i was giggling and squealing like a school girl around boys. i wasted no time ripping in to it to discover i had my very own pair of wood grain sunglasses! WOOOOO! some women like diamonds and manicures, but not me, i much prefer sunnies! i'm still so excited, and i couldn't wait to take pictures to share. the sunglasses beca makes are not only awesome and unique, but totally unisex uniSEXY, and even look good on dogs!

awesome, right? you can find them in beca's shop in different styles and colors! and can you believe she makes them?! i'm impressed. so is kona...or maybe he's just a stoner (which he seriously looks like in that picture).

well, i'm putting on my big girl pants and acting like an adult tonight (if all goes well) because i'm going to a book club this evening, and i'm pretty nervous. i know one person, sarah, but the rest are strangers, so wish me luck! since my mouth has no filter and not everyone gets my sense of humor, i realize it's a possibility i could make a complete fool of myself...


  1. Those sunglasses are awesome!! And they look good on you all. :)

    I'm sure you will have a great time at the book club.

  2. the sunglasses look great. :) kona's expression is hilarous. good luck at the book club, i'm not sure i could go to one. eep.

  3. these pictures are adorable. what a cute little family... too bad they don't make them small enough for flojo!

  4. This is my new favourite set of photos! So cute :)
    And I totally want some of those sunglasses!! Beca & Doug are awesome.

  5. Ooooo, I like those!
    sidenote: Kona looks utterly unhappy with the sunglass scenario, though.

  6. That picture of Chris is just too much! I'm so glad you're able to make him do that. Haha! Also, Kona is a real looker right there...hubba hubba! ;) But, the prize goes to you in that awesome top! Wowza! I may have to get a pair of these glasses. & I hope you have a blast at your book club! Love yah!

  7. I love those...yes...they really do look good on everybody!! Ha ha! Hearts, janna lynn

  8. when i think of what you love (besides animals, your husband, and gems of course!) i always think SUNNIES! :) i'm so glad you have your own pair cos aren't they GORGEOUS!? and handmade... unreal because they are that flawless!

    they look so cute on you and your family (i love your top too! and necklace)

    i squealed just the same when my two toned sunnies came in... too bad we can't go to your book club sporting our tumbleweeds shades :( because how cool would we look?! what are you guys reading?


  9. Yayyyy for book club! Way to be proactive about making friends!! I wish I could find something like that. I'm sure it'll be great. Or at least, I hope it is, for you.
    Love these photos. You're right, those glasses just look terrific on everyone. :)

  10. OMG! I absolutely LOVE those glasses! I must save $$$ so I can get me a pair! :o) And that photo of you is just awesome!!!

    and your doggieeee is soooo cuteeee <3


  11. those glasses make me happy too. makes everyone looks good - love them on you especially friend. :)

  12. LOVE Beca's sunglasses. They are just the shape and size that I like to wear. Have fun at your book club! What did you read? My co-worker put sunglasses on his dog today (a wheaten terrier named BABY DAX!) and it just sat there and wore them. That would never happen at my house, or at yours by the looks of that pic of Kona. Have an awesome weekend!

  13. i way looooove sunglasses!!! these all looks soo great and also the pictures (:
    the dogs was cute anyway xD
    mind to follow each other? tell me!

  14. Awwww like Micaela/Max's?? I love them! And they look perfect on you. What a sweet gift. :)

  15. your face just makes me happy.

    true story.

    love you miss danielle!


  16. Those sunglasses are so cute! Kona looks fab!
    And I'm jealous you're going to book club. Have fun!

  17. those sunglasses are so kickass. someday i hope to be able to own a pair! i love that you even put them on kona, haha.



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