little silhouettes

My dad bought me a set of stamps last year, or maybe early this year, I can't really remember! Anyway, I don't use them as often as I'd like becasue there are only so many stamped charms and things a girl can wear in a lifetime! I also have a bag of about one hundred vintage brass girl silhouette charms. I've used some of the silhouettes in jewelry I've made, some I've sold, but I don't know when I'll use that the wheels started turning. Stamping set + plain brass charms = stamped silhouettes! Yipee, a good use for both! I think I'm going to add the charms to my shop tonight. I stamped a C, a D and an F on mine. C for Chris and Cheesecake the dog, D for me (Danielle) and an F for Flojo and Frankenstein the parrots.
On a more delicious note, I have meatballs cooking right now and I cannot WAAAIIIIIIIT until dinner time! That's the only problem with slow cooking something, it smells your house up (in a good way) so all you can think about is eating!


  1. oooh I sell those vintage charms- I never thought of stamping them- what a creative idea. SO CUTE! LOVE LOVE IT!!


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