What I've Been Working On

Surprisingly, as busy as life has gotten lately, I've managed to work on quite a few new items, as well as get a few extra regular items made (so I can hopefully have a bit of an inventory built up that will be ready-to-ship once the baby gets here and I have to get adjusted to being a new mom).  For the last year or so, the 'Bonjour Y'all' tees and totes have been wildly popular, but lately the 'Hola Y'all' shirts have claimed the most popular item position!

Hola Y'all Tote, Hola Y'all T-Shirt

I have so, SO many ideas for new things - screen designs for shirts and totes, jewelry, paintings, etc. - but it's all a matter of finding adequate time.  The next screens I plan to make for shirts and totes will be more graphic in nature rather than having sayings, so hopefully they'll turn out...

What have you been working on lately?

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