Party Pants

How was your weekend?  Mine was nice; it included steaks on the grill, cheesecake with cherries on top, a pizza slice the size of my head, and CHRIS' BIRTHDAY!

1.  Party pants needed a party hat to match his party banner (#3).  He did not like wearing it.
2.  My status over the weekend went from "Not A Griller" to "You Bet Your Ass I'm A Griller."  I told Chris I was making hamburgers on the grill for his birthday to trick him like any good wife would.  Not surprisingly, he preferred the T-bone.
3.  The party hat banner I made for Chris' birthday last year (and will display every year).
4.  The end of another weekend, and the thoughts of aaalllll the screen printing I have to work on tomorrow morning...


  1. That is one awful picture of me! Thanks for all the birthday fun my Misshey!

  2. You handsome son of a gun. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday!


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