Recycling is rad.

Being green may be a current fad, but unlike the Harlem Shake, vegan cleanses or thick bangs, it's one I can fully embrace!  Our pal Jeff owns a skate/snow/bike shop downtown, and in addition to boards, accessories, and rad t-shirts, he also carries a line of his handmade, recycled skateboard products.  I loved his keychains and bottle openers when I first saw them, but I really (okay, figuratively) fell out of my chair when I saw his latest product: coasters.

To get an idea of how he makes his recycled skateboard products, and see a little bit of his process, this time lapse video showing part of the making of a cutting board is pretty neat and definitely makes me appreciate the products even more!

Find them here: coasters ($10), bottle openers ($12-$18), keychains ($4-$6)

Pretty neat, right?  It's one thing for a bottle to be made out of a low percentage of recycled materials and call it green, but it's another thing entirely when someone follows the three R's and the outcome is something you'd actually use!  My coffee table is an old wooden storage trunk that won't be hurt by the sweat on a glass, but I'm going to teach myself to use coasters just to have a few from Scene 3!

What are some of your favorite recycled or green products?  And do you make any yourself?


  1. very cool! i love the look of those coasters!

    1. They're definitely neat, and now I can't wait to get a cutting board!

  2. so awesome. doug loves his keychain!

  3. That bottle opener is so cool. I love how minimal and efficient they are. So simple.... just a screw.

    Kate from Clear the Way


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