makes my heart go pitter pattern

so i think i've come to some sort of realization.  as much as i've tried to make myself think otherwise, i believe i like patterns more than solids.  i've always felt like i'd prefer solids, and i used to tell myself that it was just more difficult to find solid colors, but i'm finally taking the first step and admitting that when given the choice, i go for patterns (and especially patterned shoes).  whew, i can't believe i just said that.

blouse: TJ Maxx // skirt: target // belt: vintage, thrifted // shoes: chelsea crew via modcloth

the weather is beautiful, and while summer clothes still suit the temperatures, they don't suit my mood.  but, i can't exactly put on cozy cardigans and boots without the guarantee of smelling like an armpit.  so that's why i loved this outfit; sleeves and closed toed shoes, but still lightweight and comfortable and no offensive armpit odors.  win!


  1. awwww you're so cute! love the polkas!

    and i wanted to share my giveaway with you for a pair of sperry boat shoes :)

  2. You're so precious, the outfit is darling, and the shoes--so awesome. :)

  3. Love this outfit and your amazing shoes! And I know what you mean about your mood suiting a more fall like atmosphere. I NEED Phoenix to cool down (although, it has been kind to me the past few days)! XO

  4. i totally agree with you! i go for pattern over solid every time and then i get in a pickle when nothing matches and i have a hard time pairing pattern with pattern :(

  5. I prefer patterns too :) Love that skirt, and those shoes are the CUTEST Danielle!

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Oh my gahhh I love those shoes. And the sexy legs in 'em.

  7. I have that skirt, isn't it the best?!


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