do you have days when you just can't seem to walk upright?  i have them more than i'd like to admit.  luckily these shoes aren't clunky or skinny or hard to walk in, otherwise i probably would have ended up on the ground!

blouse: express // skirt: target // belt: vintage, thrifted // bracelet: little tree vintage // shoes: kork-ease via ebay

i was glad chris wasn't home when i got there because i did this weird teetering thing in the driveway where you're sort of in limbo for what feels like forever - will you fall or will you remain standing?  luckily i didn't fall.  i'm just going to blame it on the stuffiness in my head.  i mean, it's got to be affecting my balance, right?  RIGHT?!


  1. Hah - every day I am pretty unbalanced! I kid you not, I normally trip over my own two feet at least twice a day. :P

    Just be assured you may have been off balance, but your style was right on! That sounded cheesy...

    But srsly. I wanna steal the contents of your closet. :o

  2. I absolutely love that skirt and you have so many lovely pieces in your wardrobe. I would love to raid your wardrobe.

  3. Ha-ha aww I hope you feel better soon!

    I love this skirt/top combo.. so pretty!


  4. It is definitely the stuffiness. Blame the stuffiness on everything for the next few days: dirty dishes in the sink, not being able to cook dinner, the laundry piling up... totally milk it girl!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  5. Blame the stuffiness. Although your feathered friend might be throwing off your balance as well. (PS I love that he's always in the photos with you)

  6. That's me all the time. You're way sexier at it though.


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