feeling manly

sleep eluded me last night, which means this morning i feel like a zombie.  so i have a feeling this post will be riddled with mistakes (because no, i do not proofread my posts before i publish them) that i won't find until later when i'm so embarrassed that anyone saw.  having said that, good morning!  i decided to wear shorts the other day, and although i'm over those years of refusing to wear them no matter how hot it is, i still feel funny in them...

silk blouse: vintage, thrifted // shorts: i've had them for so long i can't remember // shoes: payless // ring: c/o oasap

i've never liked my thighs.  side note:  someone chris knows once cooked for his grandma and labeled each container saying what the food in it was.  one container was labeled "CHICKEN THIGS" and ever since then, we've been saying thig instead of thigh.  it makes things funnier, and it also makes it hard to type thigh then i'm thinking thig!  anyway, i've always wanted skinny thighs, but genetics says otherwise, so although i no longer refuse to wear shorts, i still feel funny about my THIGS.  wouldn't it be nice if we all loved and accepted all the parts of our body?

i don't usually wear tailored or masculine clothes as i'm a dress girl through and through, but i just felt like wearing something different.  it probably won't happen often  because i felt sort of masculine, but at least i didn't have to think about sitting ladylike.


  1. 1. This post is a lot more understandable than if I wrote it at 8AM so props to you!

    2. Your legs look great! Plus the floral wedges and lightweight blouse make this much more feminine :).

    3. I feel a bit self conscious about my thighs too & I'm definitely growing more onto being a dress/skirt person because they're so comfortable (plus so many shorts these days are SUPER short), but you're right, shorts are convenient when you don't want to sit all ladylike :P


  2. So I always proofread my posts like 12291 times and edit, edit, edit. I drive myself nuts. Maybe I should take a cue from you and just write and post. My life would be much simpler. I feel you on the whole shorts thing. While you do not have big THIGS at all, I can totally relate to not feeling comfortable in shorts. I stopped wearing them after say, middle school and just bought my first pair again last summer. Now I have two pairs of shorts: orange and diy denim cut offs. They are OK. But I don't always love how I look in them. I was going to comment on you feeling masculine but this is such a long comment. So. Happy Thursday girl! (I only edited this comment once)

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  3. with the silk blouse and wedges this has a very feminine feel! you look stunning. very classy outfit. love it!

  4. Your legs are gorgeous, thigs and all! You absolutely have nothing to worry about! My thighs (and calves) are huge, but they also allow me to run a 5k at the drop of a hat, so I can feel nothing but love for them!

  5. Ha-ha I hear you I am skirt and dress type girl too, but the shorts look good on you! you do not look masculine at all! :)


  6. you fantastic in shorts and your thighs look hot! hot lady, hot! i love shorts and i would love to wear them all the time but work won't allow it. i love that ring, i have the jaguar one and i love wearing it but it comes off easily so i have to be careful when i wear it.

  7. You look great in a pair of shorts, no need to worry about the thigs :)

  8. I really like those shorts, and even though they're tailored & tweed? They look pretty & feminine wIth the pink blouse. This is a great summery outfit and the post was very coherant!

  9. I love your thighs so much I want to KISS 'EM and by kiss them I mean you know, sexy stuff. I hate mine too, that's why I got them tattooed, so they'd be prettier.

  10. You look so damn gorgeous and I can't believe you don't like your thighs?! Girl, they are amazing and trust me, they are NOT big. This outfit is such a winner... I love shorts, lately.

    Also, Jango goes after my clothes, too... He'll try to nibble a button, bead, whatever he can find! Ah, our feather babies. XD

  11. Thigs!!! I have lots of thigs. Big thigged girl. But you know, whatever, I wear shorts almost any chance I can get away with it. You look perfect as always. I like this outfit, its so summertime. And that ring us pretttttty rad.

    Also, you know I feel about spellchecking, proofreading, grammar. Overrated among friends.

  12. Oh gosh, you make me laugh out loud. Now I'm going to be saying thigs too. I've never been crazy about my nails. They're weird and really round-shaped, and I used to NEVER paint them anything but clear or that pinky natural color because I convinced myself that they looked like big grapes on the end of each finger otherwise.

    Your ring is awesome, awesome!


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