rain or shine?

we were so lucky last week.  it rained (a lot) AND temperatures were only in the 80's!  i was so excited to be able to wear sleeves again that i didn't even know how to act.  the only problem: which sleeved items do i love and miss wearing the most?  easy.  this yellow sweater...

sweater: thrifted // dress: c/o oasap.com // sandals: kork ease via ebay // necklace: vintage, thrifted

do you ever wear an outfit that you never want to take off because you just love everything about it so much?  this is that outfit for me.  i can't say enough about that dress from oasap.  the color is perfect and matches with everything, the fabric is so soft you almost can't feel you're wearing it, and the back has the prettiest sheer and button detail (which i'll show you later this week).  also, i'm a kork ease lover for life.  i've heard people talk about how comfortable the sandals are, but now i'm a believer.  so i have a feeling you'll be seeing A LOT more of those shoes!  and the necklace i think is gaudy in the best way.  it's so bold and gaudy that i think it's the perfect necklace for plain clothes.  all in all, i plan to wear this outfit a lot.  a whole lot.

so how was your weekend?  and what did you do?


  1. i love this yellow sweater! yellow is a great color on you. i have an orange maxi dress that i love so much. i could wear it forever. this weekend i went to the brooklyn flea market for the first time. i had so much fun and would love to go back! xo

  2. Excellent outfit! That yellow sweater is just adorable! I love it!

  3. This outfit is so great and I agree with the above comment--yellow looks fantastic on you (and on your photo companion).

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  5. I love this dress :) so versatile! Could really wear it with anything. I love how you made it a skirt by putting that pretty yellow sweater over it!

    While you had rain, I had beautiful weather this weekend! I spent the day out on a boat fishing with friends in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on Sunday :)

  6. i love that top, it looks like one i got from h&m but in orange. the necklace is beautiful, a great find! i love when i have an outfit on and then duplicate it so that i can wear it forever and ever!

  7. Such a sweet look! I love your shoes :) And that bird is super cute!

  8. When I first saw this picture I was like HOW!? are you wearing long sleeves, today is 90 here and ridiculousness! I hope you are sending some of that cooler weather to the east coast!

    I love this outfit! I love love love days that are like that! :) Where you are so comfortable and love our outfit you dont want to take it off.


  9. i really like that second picture down where you both look so nonchalant, haha.
    i wore a cardigan today and it was awesome! i hope this cooler weather sticks around.

  10. This is how Utah was! SO GLORIOUS, OMG!

    This outfit is so perfect, especially for a rainy day. It's that pop of color, but with the muted skirt, it's just so elegant yet cozy and I am in awe over that necklace.

    ...I love your entire wardrobe.

  11. The picture where you and flojo are looking in opposite directions cracked me up. Sassy girls! Haha. Also- gaudy necklaces rock my world. Especially this one!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  12. may i ask, what is the brand on your cropped sweater? =)

  13. i love your bright sweater, and the shot of you and your bird not looking at one another is too adorable.
    Chic on the Cheap

  14. That yellow looks amazing on you. Insert comment about peeing on you. Yeah, I went there.

  15. that necklace is amazing. you look so cute toes!


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