good morning!  i wouldn't normally do more than one outfit post in the same week with the same dress, but when i showed you this dress on monday, i didn't get to show you the best part of it - the details!  it was hot like an armpit when i wore it sans sweater, which means the best part wasn't covered up...

 dress: c/o oasap // belt: old navy // necklace: vintage, thrifted // shoes: payless

i love that there are buttons up the back, but my favorite things about this dress is that there are pockets (why don't more dresses have pockets?), and that the top half and over the shoulders is sheer; so pretty.

moving on, i have good news, at least for me!  my toes are no longer broken, and my leg is healed up (running injury) which means I'M ABLE TO RUN AGAIN!!!  i'm so excited about it that i want to run every single day!  it's hard to tell myself to take it slow and not run too often because that runner's high is addictive, but i'm going to be smart about it...i think.


  1. It's a super cute dress and this might be a TMI question - do you wear a strapless bra with it?

  2. This dress looks so different without the sweater! I love the shoulder detailing and the buttons. It was like this dress was designed with you in mind. And I am loving the changes on your blog. Super cute girl!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  3. Oooh, the back details are so cute! I love dresses with pretty backs, it's such a nice surprise when you see it :) And I'm so glad you're all healed! Have fun running again :)

  4. i love the back! so cute. that dress just looks awesome on you. congrats on your toes and to running again!

  5. Amen to dresses and pockets! Every dress should have pockets! But more importantly, I'm so glad you're healthy enough to run again! Exercise is so important! I don't sleep well unless I've been active!

  6. three cheers for no more broken toes!!! This is a dreamy dress and love the back detail as well, plus the pockets are key (yes more dresses need to have pockets, totally)

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  7. You look SO lovely! And hooray for being able to run again! XO

  8. Very pretty! I always love a dress with pretty details on the back :) Pockets are definitely a big selling point for me though, and by that I mean when I beg my mister to buy me a dress, the only way I can convince him is if I say it has pockets (I don't carry a purse most days and like making him carry my things in his pockets. Why else would guys pockets be so big??)
    Yay for not broken toes! :D
    xo Heather

  9. i LOVE the buttons up the back. love them. and pockets are the best. this dress looks Awesome on you.

    and yay being healed! i hate being injured because i can't sit still for like 5 seconds. i always end up hurting myself more.

    <3 katherine
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  10. I think all dresses should have pockets. Of course, whenever I have a dress with pockets I always overload the pockets with too many things - basically, I turn my dress pockets into mini purses :)

    That's a pretty dress in general, but I think the back is the prettiest part! The buttons and the sheer bit are adorable.

  11. glad you're healed up and able to run again :) Love the neutral colour o fthe dress and the sheer panel in the back!

  12. also, your hair's getting long again! :)

  13. It is a really lovely dress with quite a lot of neat details! What I really love about it is the colour.

    Style by Joanne

  14. What an awesome dress - the details on the back are too cute! Glad you are all healed up and ready to run again...and I wish I knew that runner's high feeling - I run and I run, but I never get there, haha :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  15. love it! i seriously love every single outfit!

  16. Those cheekbones! You look stunning (as per usual)
    and t-strap shoes are my weakness...
    also your hair is growing!!! (still have your hair-cut fresh in my kind so I took notice of the length added already!)


  17. That dress is adorable! I love the back! And yes, you're right--pretty much every dress made should come complete with pockets. I saw a tutorial for an easy add-pockets-to-any-dress craft and it was pure genius!


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