like i told you yesterday, i've been planning to announce a little giveaway today. it's nothing fancy, but just something to say thanks for continuing to read my blog, for leaving me comments that i always enjoy reading, and for supporting dinosaur toes! the bracelet that will soon be on its way to the winner is made from white howlite rounds, square peridot beads, brown shell slices, and a few little brass heishi beads. i also have a few other little surprises to throw in! find out how to enter below...

to enter this giveaway, you MUST leave a comment WITH your email address telling me something about you.

for additional entries (please leave a separate comment for each):
tweet: i want to win this @dinosaurtoes bracelet!
mention this giveaway on your blog, and leave me a link to it.


  1. I just finished making a batch of home brew kombucha today!

  2. Dear danielle,
    This is gorgeous!!!!!!

    About me. My biggest pet peeve is the sound of people eating on tv or in a movie.

    Also, you're amazing!!!


  3. Tonight I find out whether or not I got that job I interviewed for last month. EEP. If I get it, great! I'm employed! If I don't, great! I don't have to sign a contract for a job I'm not sure I want for two years. Either way, drinking will follow.

    So yeah, I want that bracelet.

    sizemorean AT

  4. The bracelet is lovely!

    My grandparents gave me a quartz pendant and I can't stop using it!

    jazlima at gmail dot com

  5. awesome!
    about me: i can't eat anything covered in sauce. ever since i was little i can't stand to have a mess on my face or hands, so i get everything plain

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  8. I love your stuff.
    My worst fear is boogers. I fear them more than death.

    (Sorry I may posted this twice!)

  9. This bracelet is the BEST! Hmmmm, about me? I wish I had a unicorn ;)

  10. I'm torn. Should I make a pumpkin pie or shouldn't I? I have the ingredients. I have the ability. I have an oven that will be turned on soon. But do I really *need* pumpkin pie right now?


  11. Thank you for this giveaway! I am obsessed with turquoise and almond butter!

  12. What a great, versatile piece! My e-mail is whatnomints [at] gmail [dot] com and I'm about to go for a run!

  13. Lets see something about me...I eat pizza at least once a week.

  14. i'm an art therapist working with boys with developmental disabilities AND felonies dating back to 2005, when they were like 8. Good times!


  15. Sweet giveaway. thing about me- I drive a focus called the gobbler because a turkey flew into my vehicle on the way to work one day. :) I guess that may be one thing about my car....but in a weird way I think it still counts! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  16. yeaahhh I love giveaways and your blog! :))

    Something about me: I am 22 and just now beginning college!

    I hope I win this sweet bracelet. Your jewelery is so beautiful!

  17. I just tweeted this giveaway tooo!


  18. aweessome.

    i'm really fiending for a road trip. or another move. it's almost annoying cos it's all i've been thinking about for the last couple of days but don't really have time or funds to do it haha.

    justaboutanywhere @ gmail

  19. beautiful bracelet!

    hmmm, something about me... i collect vintage milk glass vases and vintage cameras.


  20. This is a gorgeous piece! Even if I do not win I hope to be ordering something soon.

    My name is Sammy and my email is

    I'm just a girl who loves to read books, blogs and magazines. My daughter thinks she is a cat.

  21. This is so exciting!!!

    My e-mail addy is: and a fact about me is that I absolutely love rustic accents. Like aged wood, log-shaped pillows, cabin interiors, old milk crates for organizing, etc. It's so cozy!!!

  22. I tweeted!!! ^_^!/AngieBailey13/status/159548470527672320

  23. Hi Danielle,

    Something about me... I can make a biscuit so scrumptious that once its eaten you will never forget it, but I can't seem to poach an egg.

    Ps. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on our blog :)~Elishia

    Pps. Your new hair looks lovely!

  24. Hi, it's Adri.
    My email addy is

    :) and hmmm... something about me? Well, I used to be terrified of cats until I adopted Mister Jack O'Lantern and now I fear I'm going to end up being a crazy cat lady! :)


  25. I tweeted too ;)


  26. aww so pretty, good job and thank you!
    hmm something about me- I can't wait to get a pet cat, hopefully soon!

  27. Hello Danielle :)

    It's my 24th birthday next month! And I love all the pretty jewelry you make.


  28. Something about me: I'm just like you! And I'm currently watching a Scared Straight show and loving it.

    tomakelovestay at gmail dot com :) :)

  29. I really really love cats.

    lolo.holmes at

  30. I'm planning a wedding! & I've been so scared to death of stressing out...but so far, it hasn't been half bad. It's been fun! Especially considering my fiance has agreed to start taking dance classes with me tonight <3

    PS your jewelry is beautiful.

  31. I just tweeted your tweet ;)


  32. I used to dreams about dinosaur(toes) trampling my neighborhood as a kid...

  33. RIght now I am sitting in the Library at school debating whether or not I need a coffee but I am too lazy to gather all my things to walk downstairs to get my coffee.


  34. I'm studying for an MA in Applied Human Rights - and sometimes reading about all the atrocities in the world makes it look like a really ugly place.
    It's beautiful things - like this bracelet you've made - that remind me that's not always the case, and people put their energy into being creative in such special ways.

    heartshaped_box_18 (at) hotmail (dot) com


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