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With more color outside, I'm inspired to wear more color. I went out with my cousin Ali last night, so I figured I'd do some things at home today, mainly jump on the trampoline in my bathing suit. It was way too cold for that; I was even cold when I went out in my (don't laugh) parachute pants and hoodie. So I decided to paint my nails instead.

I took this picture of feathers the other day because I liked the colors together. I was kinda sorta working on an idea for a headband with the feathers, but that still hasn't come to life. Anyway, when I looked at the picture today, I thought, "I want my nails those colors." So I have pink toenails and teal (actually "tahitian green") fingernails!

I also found those sunglasses yesterday when I switched bags, so I've been wearing them today like I got something new! Since I didn't get to do much outside today, I sewed this morning and early afternoon, and Flojo kept me company. She even modeled for me, see her here.

One more thing that I tried to do but had no luck with was making a dinosaur toes video. I thought I could use all pictures and make it look good, but it didn't. So, I need a model. If you live near me, let me know! I need you!


  1. Ahhh! I love those feathers so much! and your nails... Flojo is soooo cute! Posey said Eeeeeeeek! Squeeeeek! ha ha ha!
    I is freeeeeeezing here and I am not very happy about it! I want to wear my spring clothes. humphhh!
    Maybe you will get to jump on the trampoline tomorrow!

  2. Those feathers are very pretty! It's funny when I saw the pic I thought the purple feather is the same color as my nails right now!

  3. your blog always makes me happy! =] i love that photo!

  4. Woman, please, you are beautiful. Put yourself in that video. And I'm all about the bright colors right now, too! I just came back from Target and witnessed the wonder that is Liberty of London for the first time -- such bright pops of color in everything they design, from dresses to stationary. It's beginning to feel like spring! :D

  5. Brittan, now you're tagged as a feather on facebook :) After seeing those closeup pictures of Posey, I just want to rub and kiss her like crazy! It got super cold here yesterday, I'm talking low at 20 degrees! Tomorrow is supposed to rain and be 50 degrees which I'm NOT happy about. Where did the 70 degree days go?!?

    Highplainsthrifter, thank you so much!

    Lily, yay for colored nail polish! I bought this teal color several weeks ago, but today is the first time I've used it!

  6. Lulu, that's sweet, you can't imagine how happy that makes me!

    Annie, psssshhhh! Oh my gosh, I first saw all of the Liberty of London stuff last week and I can barely stand walking by without buying at least some of it. It's all so bright and cheery!

  7. i love that you worked out in parachute pants. totally awesome. i don't think i'd ever be brave enough to jump on a trampoline in my swimsuit....ok....i'm positive of this fact. hopefully it'll warm up soon though so you can!

    happy sunday tomorrow!

  8. nothing like painting your nails to add a little color to your life!

  9. you are too cute for words in this picture...and i wish i had your skin!!! it always looks to clear and fresh!!

  10. those pastel feathers are beautiful together! fav photo of the day!
    don't bright nails make you super happy? mine do


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