flower preservation

As I'm sitting down eating my delicious plate of macaroni and cheese and taking a break from my normal Saturday cleaning, I thought I would share with you what I've been working on lately. I'm absolutely, positively obsessed with flowers, even if they are flowering weeds growing at the edge of my yard. With the oncoming winter and the thought of no flowers, only brown, dormant plants, I decided I wanted to preserve a little bit of life from the botanical world! I bought some vintage brass hearts with an indentation in the center and knew that they would be just perfect for my project! I picked some Queen Anne's Lace that grows wild around my mailbox and the edge of my road and set it in the hearts, then covered with resin. Now I can have, and share with others, a little memory of summer in the form of a bracelet or necklace!

I have a craft festival coming up next Saturday, my first ever, and I thought that I needed something a little more simple since rhinestones and multichain jewelry isn't for everyone, so I hope the customers like these!


  1. I'm sure they'll love them, they turned out beautiful! Good Luck at your craft fair :)

  2. forget the mac & cheese- THESE are delicious!!! great work :)


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